Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Morning Skies

I was up reasonably early honest!!
It was cool and calm, as I made my way to the lakes and I was enjoying the the sun coming up, I decided if the Marsh Harrier had returned I would stay by the lake as long as possible this morning to cover any avenues of escape!! Needless to say the bird didn't appear but it was fairly busy nonetheless. A small flock of Siskin circled the lake several times and a single Redpoll called as it flew over. Fieldfares went over in small flocks and I counted at least 100 birds in all. The gulls I had seen in previous evening visits, were heading out in the opposite direction, mainly Common with a handful of Black-Headed. A Treecreeper called constantly and around 12 Goldfinches bounced across sky, I was as ever loathed to leave.

I may have missed the Harrier due to enjoying the colours in the sky for too long this morning?


Phil and Mandy said...

lovely sunrise shots, i noticed the sun on way to work this morning and wished i had camera with me!

Rachel J said...

Nice photos Al. Early morning just the best time of day.

tours in pakistan said...

That's so romantic. I saw sunset behind Himalayas Hill while I was in trekking in Pakistan trip.