Moth Photos from Sissinghurst

 Here are a few photos of moths we have found at Sissinghurst since June 2009. The list of macro species stands at over 420, recorded upto June 2011.

Blossom Underwing

Dotted Chestnut

Lead Coloured Drab

Top, Black Arches   Middle, Alder Kitten  Bottom, Bird's Wing.

Clifden Nonpareil

This moth was a great find last autumn with nearly a 4 inch wing-span it dwarfed other moths in the trap. It's likely to have arrived from Scandinavia as breeding populations in this country are all but extinct.


Clifden Nonpareil
Merveille Du Jour

Convolvulous Hawkmoth

Sallow Kitten

Scalloped Shell

Rosy Footman