Friday, 28 January 2011

Cool winds

It was slightly lighter this morning, with the broken cloud but as I got out of the car not one bird was singing! A few Redwings called unseen, Blackbirds and Robins flew from in front of me but it wasn't until I got to the lake, a 5 minute walk depending on how many birds there are, that the first song was heard, a Song Thrush from the shelter of the wood, maybe the other birds didn't fancy sitting out in the cool easterly.

Early morning at the lake
I did a complete circuit of the lake, which again was quiet until a flock of Long-Tailed Tits alerted me to an incoming threat! A Sparrowhawk appeared briefly overhead, later it was seen doing it's characteristic undulating display just over the woods. The usual Siskins, Redpolls and Linnets were all heard flying over in the next few minutes. Taking another different route from my usual early morning ramblings, I headed towards the park field, here about 10 Mallard took flight from a damp area at the bottom of the field and my first Marsh Tit of the week was heard, a couple of Stock Doves then drifted by on V-shaped wings. I made my way uphill and spotted a Buzzard heading away over the car park. Back at the car park a Treecreeper showed really well and I thought I might actually get a photo but it disappeared, I got in the car and the Treecreeper was back, right in front of me through the windscreen, so I grabbed the camera and had a go at a couple of shots, unfortunately the results weren't great but here is the best of them!! I think you can just tell it's a Treecreeper? You might need to squint a bit.

Dodgy shot through the windscreen!


Rachel J said...

Love treecreepers. One of my favourite birds.

Phil and Mandy said...

Hi Alan,

i now have 2 new lenses si i hope to get out over the weekend. I have purchaes a canon macro lens and a 100-300 zoom. like the treecreeper

Warren Baker said...

One of the hard ones to photograph, those treecreepers!

That lake looks pretty good, had much on it over the years Alan ?

Alan Pavey said...

Excellent news on the lens Phil, I've got a 5 year old Panasonic Lumix, might up date when I can afford it.

The lake has had a couple of things Warren, including the only Common Sand. the Bittern was reported from the lake and an Osprey took up residence for 5 days a few years ago but ducks are few and far between!! :-)