Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Last night and this morning

On the way home from work last night, I detoured to the castle to listen for owls and was really pleased to hear a BARN OWL (70), it was calling from along the stream where a large strip of meadow is being nurtured, hopefully Barn Owl is one bird that will benefit, hearing it there is at least a good start. There was also 1 Tawny calling from just outside the estate.

This morning I started by scanning the fields where I'd heard the Barn Owl last night, it was still only half light, unfortunately I couldn't find it but I did pick out a Fox running across the field and then had a first for the castle for me when a Badger came into view just behind the Fox. I've always known they were on the estate but in the 14 years of regular visits they had failed to materialise. I went on to the lake hoping for a returning Little Grebe but the lake again was quite peaceful. With time as ever against me I managed to catch up with a Little Egret heading towards the lake and there were a few Linnets and Siskin still around. A distant flock of geese went unidentified as they flew north. Stephen added Canada Goose to the swelling year list yesterday and found the Linnet flock to be over 100 again. I also had a call from my Dad this morning to say the Firecrest was still present.


Warren Baker said...

Thats a great Record Alan, Good to see habitat being created for this lovely Owl.

Simon said...

Great sightings there Alan!

Rachel J said...

Lucky you with the barn owl and badger. I only ever see badgers on the side of the road!

Alan Pavey said...

Barn Owl is always a nice bonus, I have managed to record it in each of the last 4 years but there was a gap of around 10 years before that. I think my visits are much more frequent so far this year, hence this a record start to the year.