Wednesday, 26 January 2011

All is quiet

This Kestrel is a regular at work, he sits about 30yds from our canteen, this was taken through the window. Sorry it's not a pic from Sissinghurst but it was a bit gloomy this morning!
It's not really too surprising that it was a bit quiet this morning. It was still fairly dark when I arrived and it was also a bit misty, at least 6 Robins were singing and I noted a Dunnock calling. I think that this call is one that doesn't always seem to register with me, for whatever reason. When I look back in my notes at the lists of birds so far this year Dunnock is missing from all but a few, yet it is a common bird here so I'd like to work out why I haven't heard it or seen it as often as I expected, maybe they are just less conspicuous in general at this time of year?
Through the mist I did manage to count just over 100 Fieldfares flying over the gardens and the walk round the field yielded a couple of Yellowhammers and a singing Reed Bunting. The resident thrushes were all in good voice and a few Siskin and Goldfinch were milling around the car park as I left. I'm really looking forward to a bright clear morning again, not that I'm complaining, it was still a nice way to start the day.


Marc Heath said...

A Yellowhammer would be a nice bird at Reculver, a toughiw to get there. A nice read, keep it up.

Rachel J said...

I'm pretty sure I've just managed to get the hang of Dunnock call and have subsequently heard at least two Dunnock calls down the road. Learning bird song and calls is a great way of alleviating the tedium of the twice daily back and forth walk to pre-school!