Friday, 7 January 2011

Just testing!!

This Sparrowhawk, which incidentally isn't on my Sissinghurst patch list yet this year!! was seen at work at Paddock Wood in the autumn, it stayed with it's kill for at least 10 minutes moving off only to make another pile feathers on a different section of a grassed area at the back of our warehouse, I don't take many pictures but was lucky that this bird stayed around to give me a chance. I may dig out a couple of other photos but hopefully from Sissinghurst next time, just to check that getting this one onto the blog wasn't a fluke!!


Warren Baker said...

Well done Alan, and welcome to blogland :-)

I see you've managed to upload a photo, this will become easier the more you do it. You also have a list of sightings on you side bar, well done :-) There are lots of things you can add onto your side bar, but it will all come to you in time,
I look forward to reading your updates, however often you make them.

i'll put a link from my blog to yours, for others to see

Adam said...

Hi Al

Well done on setting up the blog and welcome to the blogging circle! Look forward to seeing what's on patch. I've just added a link from my blog.



Phil and Mandy said...

Hi Alan, all coming through ok, I am guessing but are you Mandys cousin? If so I have met you as I am her fiance. Phil Green

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Phil, I am indeed Mandy's cousin, once I've worked out a few things I will add some links and start following, thanks for your comment.

Cheers Al

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Adam, still finding my way around but certainly have enjoyed just getting started.

Cheers Al

Tony Morris said...

Nice picture Alan. I've linked to you on my St Margaret's Blog

Phil said...

Hi Alan.
Looking forward to lots of posts from Sissinghurst. Will add a link to you on my blog.