Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Morning of the 11th

The rain woke me before I was due to get up but thankfully it had moved through by the time I left at 7.10, a few Robins and Blackbirds were trying to wake the other birds as I made my way down to the lake, I stood near the reedy end of the lake hoping a stray Bittern might just take to the air! I am an incurable optimist. I was suddenly aware of dark shadow hurtling by at about head height only a few metres away, it turned just after it passed me and lifted just above the treetops, it was male Sparrowhawk judging from the size, another early rising raptor.
With limited time, as ever, I went and waited by the corner of the moat, Feildfares and Redwings were the most active for the first few minutes then, a good range of finches called as they left their respective roosts, mainly Chaffinches but a few Redpoll, Siskin, Goldfinch and Linnet were all heard over the next 15mins or so. It appears so far this year I should be extra vigilant just as I'm leaving, with Peregrine and Pied Wagtail being added to the year list at the end of recent visits, today was no exception a last look across the brightening view revealed a LITTLE EGRET (65) sitting on the edge of a freshly flooded area in the fields, how it got there without me seeing it when I was by the moat, is a mystery but it was a pleasant surprise and a nice way to end the visit.


Warren Baker said...

Ive had Little Egret flyover my head completely silently, they are very inobtrusive, when flying :-)

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Found you via Warren's Pittswood Blog .
I will look forward to your posts as I know your patch reasonably well , and can follow you around in my mind's eye .
For several years I led the Dawn Chorus walks on the patch for Peter the warden .
On several occassions we met a couple of local birders during the walks . Could you have been one of them ?

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Greenie,

One of them probably was me, I remember leaning through the restaurant window and having a chat one of the times we met. I hope I can do Sissinghurst justice on the blog with a few better photos and descriptions of how nice the place is.

All the best