Friday, 14 October 2011

October 14th

I think we had the least amount of moths that I have seen in the traps this morning, just 4 in the greenhouse trap, well 3 and 1 on the greenhouse itself!! The barn trap had a few more moths, maybe 10 or so. Pick of the bunch was again Merveille Du Jour with 2, Dusky Lemon Sallow 1, Large Wainscot 1 and Pink Barred Sallow with 3. The other moth of note is a yet to be identified and was some type of Pug, a group of moths that are proving difficult to get my head around, I await Steves findings on that one.
Dusky Lemon Sallow

I almost did the same as yesterday, as again small flocks of REDWINGS were flying west, todays total got to 71 before I moved on. 2 LITTLE OWLS called from Park Field and a CORMORANT flew north. SISKINS and REDPOLLS were again well represented and 6 FIELDFARE were an improvement on yesterdays lone individual. I heard a GREY HERON call as walked by the veg garden, when I looked up 4 of them were flying north west. As with a lot of patch watching the rest of the birds were fairly predictable but welcome all the same!! A couple GOLDFINCH posed for a short while, in the morning light and it was light this morning certainly enough to try a couple photos. No sign of Chiffchaff or Blackcap this morning but after yesterdays Yellow Browed Warbler in Maidstone, a really nice find, anything is possible :-)

Goldfinch selection!!


3 out of 4 Grey Heron


Anonymous said...

Stunning Goldfinch shots, Alan.

Warren Baker said...

Could do with one of those YBW here Alan :-)

Some lovely light on those Goldfinch shots

Rachel J said...

Still didnt manage to pick up your little owl this morning but plenty redpolls and linnets - just about got my ear tuned in to them now, and Stephen found some siskins for me which I was struggling with. There were lots of little 'quips' heard passing overhead which I had no idea - so back to the CDs I go! It was a nice morning on your patch. Went for a wander in the grounds of Finchcocks later. Picked up second buzzard of the day, no little owls sadly but a nice stroll anyway.

Christian said...

Yes, lovely Goldfinch shots Alan, especially the preening ones at the end of the set. The morning light makes for beautiful tones.

Ken. said...

Hi Alan.
A good collection of mothe trapped. Nice photo's of the Goldfinch.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Dean, Thanks, it's great if they pose :-)

Hi Warren, I'm sure we are due a goody between us!

The light was helpful for the Goldies.

Hi Rach, Glad you enjoyed the patch, shame the Little Owls didn't perform but good to sort out Siskins and Redpolls calling.

Hi Christian, Thanks, I really enjoyed the Goldfiches today, the light and their tolerance of me being quite close was quite special.

Hi Ken, Thanks, the moths are still coming but starting to thin out a bit now.