Thursday, 6 October 2011

Oct 5th and 6th

We recorded the moths for the last two days, despite last nights blustery conditions. On the morning of the 5th we did record a Scarce Bordered Straw, a migrant that has been turning up on the south coast in good numbers this week, this was a first for us here and possibly overdue. Other migrants have been a bit scarce but the micro, Rusty Dot Pearl, has put in a couple of appearances. Numbers this morning were low but there were a few bits and pieces including another Large Wainscot.
On the bird front it's been more about a little build up in numbers this week, this morning probably just had the best figures for most birds with 40+ SKYLARK, 60 LINNET and 40+ MEADOW PIPITS.

This morning also saw 300+ HOUSE MARTINS and 50 or so SWALLOWS, after relatively few in the warm spell at the beginning of the week, when just a handful of House Martins were seen. Yesterday though did top the YELLOWHAMMER poll with at least 47 birds present. Other bits and pieces in the last two days include another GREY WAGTAIL this morning, no Blackcaps but still 2 or 3 CHIFFCHAFF, the largest SISKIN flock numbered 34, add to that a KESTREL, SPARROWHAWK and 2 GREY HERONS and that probably sums up the best bits. Pictures have been hard to come by with the light being so poor before 8am when I head off to work, I did try :-)


Grey Heron

6 comments: said...

Nice sparrowhawk pictures.....!!
Saludos camperos.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi El Campero inquieto, thank you for your comment, I should have put the latin name Falco Tinnunculus to help :-)

Warren Baker said...

Thats quite an impressive set of flock sizes Alan, wish I had those numbers here.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, I've been surprised at the number of several birds, hopefully it will help tomorrows walk along :-)

mary.marfleet said...

More great pics. Esp loved the Linnets - still trying to get the ID-ing of them right!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Mary, Thanks, the Linnets came out better than expected, I'm sure the ID will come easy soon :-)