Friday, 7 October 2011

Oct. 7th

I got up early to check the moths again, then ran late!, luckily when I text to say I would be late, it turned out the traps weren't on anyway!! This was fine, as it meant more time walking, it was pretty cool this morning but it was a really nice start to the day. Before the sun rose I had already seen LITTLE OWL and heard CHIFFCHAFF as well as being accompanied by a good number of ROBINS. The next birds I saw were a SPARROWHAWK and a ROOK, silhouetted in a pale mauve sky, initially the Rook didn't pay much attention the slow buoyantly flying hawk but eventually it did give chase, as it chased, another Sparrowhawk came into view, whose undulating flight reminded me more of February and March rather than October. Amazingly the next fly by, this time much closer, was a KESTREL and the sun still wasn't in quite in view. As with the last few days Pipits and Larks were numerous but there were no Swallows or Martins today. I took a longer route out to Digdog Lane, which takes in the only place I've recorded Long Eared Owl on the patch, this was quiet, although, either another Sparowhawk or one of the earlier ones passed low overhead being pursued by a few noisy LINNETS. I did find a BLACKCAP today but the highlight of the walk came when I heard CROSSBILLS calling and 12 birds flew west over the field by the stream. A KINGFISHER called as it navigated the stream but I didn't see it. Apart from the Crossbills the number of finches flying around today was low. Back up by the restaurant 12 YELLOWHAMMERS were sat on the roof, reminiscent of how the Swallows and Martins sit as they gather before they head south.
Dodgy Crossbills in flight

Basking Yellowhammer

3 comments: said...

A yellowhammer on top of a roof,thats curious!
Saludos camperos!

Steve Ashton said...

Nice Yellow-hammer shot Alan.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi El Campero inquieto, thank you, it is unusual, I've not come across this behaviour before.

Hi Sreve, Thanks, I'm struggling for photos at the moment!!