Thursday, 27 October 2011

Back on the Patch.

After a busy long weekend, I've had a couple of much quieter visits over the last 3 mornings back at the castle. Arriving at 7am, still almost dark and leaving at my usual time of 8am. With limited light there hasn't been lots going on. I've just barely managed to reach 30 species each morning and the camera has hung forlornly by my side for much of the visits!! The main feature so far this week has been what is to be expected this time of year, finches and thrushes, not massive numbers but a few of going over each morning. I haven't managed to catch up with the Tree Sparrow yet but hopefully will get a longer look round at some point over the weekend. Stephen and I have both recorded LITTLE EGRETS over the last couple of days, usually a few winter in the area. I had a RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE calling from the roof of the restaurant yesterday morning at first light. Two KESTRELS were hunting this morning before it was fully light and were just silhouettes in the dull grey skies. I'll try again tomorrow hoping maybe to pick up a Barn Owl as it gets light :-)

There was a glimmer of light first thing this morning!!


Christian said...

A beautifully composed sunrise shot Alan - one of the nicest I've seen.

Warren Baker said...

Nice ''glimmer of light'' photo Alan :-) Clocks go back this weekend, so you'll get another hour in the morning :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Christian, Thanks, that little bit of sunlight didn't last very long!!

Hi Warren, Thanks, I sometimes think I might be the only one looking forward to the clocks going back!!