Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Oct 19th

It was a bit too cold for the moths last night!! just 16 moths of 7 species were recorded. With widespread frost forecast for tonight, I think I'll wait for the southerlies forecast over the weekend before trapping again.
There was little sign of movement again today, 4 REDWING flew west followed by one FIELDFARE. Most of the other birds seen were hopefully here to stay. Large numbers of YELLOWHAMMERS were at the bottom of the veg garden with a few REDPOLLS, GOLDFINCHES, GOLDCREST, BLUE TITS and a couple of SONG THRUSHES, it certainly seemed pretty busy there for a while.


A flock of 6 BULLFINCHES fed on the hedge next to the veg garden with 2 actually showing quite well but not close enough for the camera, when I did get close, I dithered too much trying to get a shot without any twigs in the way and the birds moved along before I took the picture!! a CHIFFCHAFF was also in the same hedge along with a calling LITTLE OWL. On the horizon I picked up a distant GREY HERON and several reasonable sized WOODPIGEON flocks, I was scanning for Brent Geese cutting across Kent, which happens occasionally here and always an outside bet to add to the year list :-)
This evening I managed a quick view of the Little Owl and heard a LESSER SPOTTED WOODPECKER!
Little Owl


Rachel J said...

Gotta hand it to you Al - well done on the return visit getting the owl and lesser spot. They say persistence pays off!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, I probably visit a bit too much really but it does mean my chances increase I suppose :-)

Warren Baker said...

I laughed! I miss lots of shots while trying to faff around avoiding twigs in the frame :-)

Good Yammer photo though Alan ;-)