Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Oct. 11th - Including birds on Post???

Arriving at 7am, it was still only half light and didn't really improve until about 7.30. Gradually a few birds started to show themselves. Several MEADOW PIPITS got up from the clover, probably 15-20 in all, I could hear lots of LINNETS and when they came into view the flock numbered up around the 150 mark, I took some record pics of part of the flock, just to see if my estimate was close and got to 80 birds in the frame after half the flock flew off north, that makes it the largest flock I've had here in 14 years. There isn't loads of other stuff to report, a MANDARIN flew across the field which was the first for a while, there were still several REDPOLLS and SISKINS flying over plus a lone REDWING and a KESTREL was chased into a hybrid Oak by a Crow. Back at the car park I heard GOLDCREST and saw 6 BULLFINCHES but as Warren reported on his Pittswood Blog yesterday there were no Chiffchaffs here today, in actual fact, no summer visitors at all!! (my Dad did have 1 Swallow and a couple of House Martins after I had left)

I did a quick visit after work, as the light was so bad this morning for photography. I added CHIFFCHAFF to the day list and LITTLE OWL. I also managed just a couple of photos.
Mistle Thrush

Little Owl

Little Owl (take two)


Greenie said...

Allan ,
Nice set of post shots , especially the last one .

elcamperoinquieto.com said...

Really nice one of the owl,how lucky!
I made now a new post if you may want to pass....you are welcome.
Good night!

Christian said...

Cracking Little Owl shots Alan - it's always a pleasure to see them.

alan woodcock said...

Hi, great shot of the Little Owl,one of the best I have seen.

Mike H said...

Super Little Owl shots Alan.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Greenie, thanks, I decided to sit still for a while rather than wander aimlessly like I normally do!!

Hi El Campero Inquiento, Thanks, I was very lucky, which is always welcome ;-)

Hi Christian, Thank you, Owls do always have that slight air of mystery for me, if I see any owl I find it exciting.

Hi Alan, Thanks, I was lucky, I sat on the hay bales in the field just below the veg garden, the owl was about the only bird I saw there!

Hi Mike, Thanks, I was pleased that a couple of shots out of 5 taken were in focus, as the shutter speed was 1/60th and the lens just about balanced on one knee!!

Warren Baker said...

Alan I like your reply to Greenie - about wandering aimless, that sounds like my tactics!!

Good owl shot, but isn't it pretty quiet out there :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, I've stuck to those tactics for years, they sometimes even work!!

Thanks, it is quiet, not much in the way of eastern stuff arriving yet either, maybe with some easterlies due it might change.

Rachel J said...

Stop tormenting me with owl pics! :)

mary said...

Great blog Alan and esp loving the owl pics!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, the Owl pic is definitely a rarity for me, if you want to see this one, I can give you some pointers :-) And you got a comment to post, hopefully it'll be ok now.

Hi Mary, Thanks, as above really, I was just lucky that a couple came out in focus! and your comment posted too, great stuff!