Wednesday, 6 July 2011

July 6th

It was quite warm when I left the house and thought, 'I won't need a coat', I did neglect that there was a chance of the odd shower, which I found later! Nowhere was particularly busy this morning, young birds are still quite obvious and I watched several young GREAT TITS foraging in the bottom of the hedges at the top of the car park. 10 SWIFTS flew south west and while I watched them a couple of SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS were seen going into a new nest site, this could mean 4 pairs on the estate which would be the most I've recorded here but I need to check on a pair that were nearby that I haven't seen for a couple of days.

I met Stephen and he hadn't seen a lot but had caught up with the Silver Washed Fritillary the other day, I tried the hedgerows, there were more young CHIFFCHAFFS today and a Gatekeeper posed briefly. I thought I heard a Yellow Wagtail and did see what could have been it ,drop quickly into the wheat behind a hedge but when I got there, it had moved on, possibly due to the SPARROWHAWK that whizzed over the same hedge! SKYLARKS, YELLOWHAMMER and REED BUNTING all took their respective places on todays role call (I have just had a blank, did I use the right role/roll!). After Mondays double, nothing new today but hopefully Sand Martin or Grasshopper Warbler are not far away! The Flycatchers below were seen at work.
Spotted Flycatcher

Young Spot Fly. above and below


Warren Baker said...

Good to see a successful pair of Spotflys Alan, hope to see some on my patch soon :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, it's been good for Spot Fly's for me this year, with them present at home and at work :-)