Wednesday, 13 July 2011

July 12th

There were good numbers of moths in the traps today, over 300 of 70 different species, this included 2 new for the year a really nice Waved Black and the rarer Clay Fanfoot. Other moths included Small Angle Shades, Clay, Large Emerald and Dwarf Cream Wave. My run of seeing Purple Hairstreaks continued today as one was attracted to a moth trap in the woods! I took a quick picture before letting it go.
On the birding front, raptors were better represented today with both SPARROWHAWK and KESTREL recorded and Stephen adding COMMON BUZZARD a little later. Whilst watching the skies a couple of single CORMORANTS flew east and south respectively, a HERRING GULL went north and a single SWIFT went south. A small gathering of SWALLOWS, 8 in all, whizzed around the office and restaurant buildings and the TURTLE DOVE could be heard somewhere near the bridleway. A bird that has been scarce here this year is RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE, one flew low over the hay meadow this morning. There were 3 GREY HERONS loafing around again today and for the second time in as many weeks I thought I heard a Yellow Wagtail call just once but once again I couldn't pin it down and it didn't call again!
Apologies for no photos, I'm having a few technical problems!!


Warren Baker said...

Partridges have all gone from my patch Alan, Red Legged and Grey, I just get the occassional Red Legged pass through.

Weather is crap for photo's anyway mate!!

Phil said...

Seventy different species of moth in one night Alan. It must take you half the day to ID them all.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, Partridges are a struggle, I've only recorded Grey once, when 2 birds were present for 2 days about three years ago, I think the Red Legs wander from shoots nearby but not often.

I'll try posting some photos later but it has been hard work getting any photos the last couple days as you say.

Hi Phil, Luckily I didn't have to ID them on my own! Steve Broyd, who knows much more than me, is the main man, it's much quicker with two of you that's for sure. It still took almost a couple of hours to record them all :-)

Rachel J said...

I had Turtle dove today too Alan, third one of the year for me!

Rachel J said...

Oops just realised I am two days behind you...sorry!!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, I'm usually behind, so I wouldn't worry :-) Nice to get Turtle Dove at anytime good stuff.