Wednesday, 27 July 2011

July 27th

It was cloudy with a couple of showers for my walk this morning, it felt reasonably quiet again though 3 CHIFFCHAFF chased around the car park and a GARDEN WARBLER was enjoying the only ripe elderberries in the hedge. A young LITTLE OWL was in the new orchard but too far away for a pic. and the light wasn't great for photos either, a GREY HERON called as it flew north over the far end of the field.
 On a couple of occasions recently the Swallows had alerted me to the presence of a raptor which has turned out to be a Hobby, today they made me aware of a male SPARROWHAWK that hugged the hedge line and then disappeared towards the moat. The next bird of note was yet another SEDGE WARBLER, they have been almost daily for around a week now, it's still difficult to tell if it's the same young bird hanging around or new birds arriving but still good to have around nonetheless. I spotted Stephen on the far side of the field and gave him a quick call to let him know he was close to the Sedge Warbler, while we chatted he picked up a HOBBY chasing a HOUSE MARTIN with great vigour, I managed to see the bird when it had given up the chase and headed my way. On the way back to the car I came across a nice little flock, that consisted of several SPOT. FLYS., a couple of CHIFFCHAFF, a TREECREEPER, NUTHATCH and a handful each of GREAT TIT, BLUE TIT and CHAFFINCH again the light wasn't great and I didn't pick out anything else, I was hoping for a bit of luck with maybe a Wood Warbler or Redstart as they both have been picked up on the move already elsewhere, despite it still only being July.


Warren Baker said...

If you listen to the Swallows alarm call crefully Alan, you can actually tell if it's a Sparrowhawk, Hobby, or Kestrel they are angry at. They seem to go extra ballistic at Hobbies :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, I seemed to remember someone saying something like that before, who knows if I'll be able to tune into the differences!! :-)