Friday, 22 July 2011

July 22nd

The first thing I noticed this morning on my arrival was the autumn call of the CHIFFCHAFF, there were at least 3 around the car park and probably a total of at least 10 were heard or seen during my visit. I didn't find the young GARDEN WARBLER today but an adult was in the same area, as I watched this a butterfly came into view, another Purple Hairstreak!
Purple Hairstreak

I moved on and scanned across the newly planted orchard and picked out 7 hirundines high up heading my way, when they got closer, they were 4 HOUSE MARTINS and 3 SAND MARTINS (101). A GOLDCREST called in the hedge at the top of the car park. Stephen joined me for a good part of the rest of the walk, we didn't see loads of stuff but some young SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS were keeping out of sight near the moat and 8or 9 HERRING GULLS flew north east. In the hedges a male BLACKCAP was in song and a single 'tack' and a brief view of a warbler turned out to be another SEDGE WARBLER, Stephen also had one yesterday, it could be the same juvenile here for the last 3 days always tricky to tell at this time of year. A TURTLE DOVE was purring in the bridleway with the tall trees in and a couple of KESTRELS were seen this morning one attracting the close attention of a persistent crow for several minutes.
The story of my bird photography recently!!

One stayed still Hoorah!


Warren Baker said...

Well done on adding the Sand Martins to the year list Alan :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, Thanks, these are nearly always late summer early autumn additions.