Thursday, 28 July 2011

July 28th

I overslept this morning! I did just manage a quick run round the patch and was joined by Pete, who came up to Norfolk with me at the end of June. As I walked down to meet him a WILLOW WARBLER popped up onto the fence surrounding the veg garden and at least 15 HOUSE MARTINS, the first double figure count of the year, were gathering over the restaurant. I thought that was a good start, unfortunately we didn't really pick up anything else much in the next half hour, there were the usual YELLOWHAMMERS singing, 2 birds this morning, 7 SKYLARKS came up from the fields but didn't really get into song at all and a REED BUNTING flew over. I counted 17 SWALLOWS sitting on various poles and wires a slight increase in recent numbers. There was no sign of any Sedge or Reed, in fact the hedges were mostly birdless!!
Yesterdays poorly lit Garden Warbler

Great Spot.

A hungry Whitethroat


Warren Baker said...

Sounds like your hedgerows are becoming like mine Alan - Full of berries but few birds :-)

Kieron said...

Alan, I over sleep every morning! I just cant get to grips with mornings no matter how hard I try.

It is much the same up here, in fact I have just been looking at the hedges wondering where they are all hiding.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, They certainly look like they should be full of birds too!

Hi Kieron, Sometimes it is hard to get up but I'm always glad I did, when I do :-)

At least I don't feel like the birds are just deserting me if Warren and yourself are finding the same scenario.