Thursday, 14 July 2011

July 13th and 14th

Both mornings have been hour long visits, which have flown by (excuse the pun!) and have provided a reasonable variety of birds that would be expected at this time of year. There seems to be a small increase in the number of gulls around and I mean small! The past couple of days have produced 5 HERRING GULLS, 7 BLACK HEADED GULLS and 2 COMMON GULLS. Another CORMORANT was seen this morning flying high east. Also 3 parties of SWIFTS were seen this morning, 3,4 and 7 respectively. The SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS are still around and there are 3 pairs, not the 4 I thought there might be but that's still pleasing. The hedgerows were alive this morning in contrast to yesterday but despite searching I couldn't find any obvious migrants, rough counts were as follows, BLUE TIT 10, GREAT TIT 6, REED BUNTING 6, WHITETHROAT 5, YELLOWHAMMER 2, CHAFFINCH 8, HOUSE SPARROW 20, DUNNOCK 4, CHIFFCHAFF 3 and WREN 2, a couple of LINNET came and went for good measure.

GREY HERONS are still putting in daily appearnces but the raptors of Tuesday have kept out of the way, although my Dad watched a nice male SPARROWHAWK perched for a while this morning and has had at least 3 BUZZARDS, both today and yesterday.
Here are a few moths from the other day.
Small Angle Shades

Waved Black

Not a moth!! Purple Hairstreak

I  need a bit of  help with this my thought is Athrips mouffetella

Again not sure but might be Phycitodes binaevella

Ancylis Badiana


Greenie said...

Alan ,
I would love to help out with the moths , but .
Thanks for your help with my micro .

Phil and Mandy said...

lovely linnets alan, one of my favourites. question on your moth traps? did you make them or buy them? if you made them what electrics did you use please as my friend in wales is going to build his own box.

Phil said...

Hi Alan. Considering how quiet it is on the bird front you are still managing a pretty impressive list down there in the Weald.
I daren't even begin to get into moths, too much else to try and ID for now.

Warren Baker said...

Much more going on in your hedgerows than mine Alan :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Greenie, Thanks for that, they are tricky, it was lucky yours was one of the very few I know!!

Hi Phil, There always seems like something to see here and if there are no birds the moths are an interesting addition. I'm trying ID the micros at the moment, I might regret that!! :-)

Hi Warren, It was busy in there, when it's like that I always think there must be something else :-)