Monday, 4 July 2011

July 4th- Birds back to the fore.

The morning actually started with moths but it was cool overnight and numbers were low. The SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS were again in evidence and some young MAGPIES were making a lot of noise around the car park. A TURTLE DOVE purred near the plant shop and as I turned to look over the valley a flock of 6 BLACK HEADED GULLS flew south west, within a couple of minutes another flock of 5 birds took the same route, these turned out to be all adult MEDITERRANEAN GULLS (99)! I had been hoping they might cross my path, it was nice to add another bird to the year list which is always slow at this time of year.
Another beautiful morning sky!

Med. Gulls

I spent some time by the moat, a MOORHEN was watching it's chicks and a TREECREEPER was singing, if I had been quicker a KINGFISHER flew passed me twice in about 5 minutes, a possible photo missed but it wouldn't have been easy!!

By the lake the meadow has been mown, so my hope of Marbled White butterfly has diminished a bit! There was, however, another Turtle Dove up in an Oak sitting next to a Spot. Fly for a few seconds but not much else around the lake. Another gull flock headed south but with the sun behind them I couldn't quite clinch the ID but more Meds. were a possibility, in amongst them briefly was a single SWIFT.
The hedges were again full of HOUSE SPARROWS and CHAFFINCHES, numbers increasing with each visit it seems. Mixed in with them were a few REED BUNTINGS, maybe 5 or 6, several YELLOWHAMMERS, COMMON WHITETHROATS, BLUE TITS, GREAT TITS, a CHIFFCHAFF and best of all a SEDGE WARBLER (100), fairly early for here but hopefully a sign of things to come.  So a 100 up, the fastest I've reached it and probably, thanks to doing this blog, which has inspired me to get out a bit more often!
Reed Bunting


Warren Baker said...

Med Gull and Sedge Warbler! Excellent patch visitors Alan! I hope they reach here !

Well done on the fastest 100, make a note for next years challenge :-)

Bob Bushell said...

Beautiful photos, especially the Mediterranean Gulls.

Phil and Mandy said...

Lovely Sunrise photo Alan

Kieron said...

Well done on the 100 Alan, and on the blog. I find it fascinating to read how the birds vary between here and Sissinghurst (via Pittswood!), not that far really but such a difference.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, Thanks, I'm hoping the 110 in a year record will go this year to :-)

Hi Bob, Thank you, it was just a shame the gulls weren't a bit closer :-)

Hi Phil and Mandy, I think I could take a sunrise picture nearly every morning! The colours yesterday were certainly worth a pic.

Hi Kieron, Thanks, it's great that we have that variation between sites, it's nice to read what other people are seeing and as you say not far away either.

Ken. said...

Hi Alan.
Well done with the Med Gulls.
getting a pic of the Kingfisher would have been something, maybe next time.
Nice morning sunrise shot.

ShySongbird said...

Just a quick flash of a Kingfisher would be nice here Alan! Well done on your fastest 100, excellent.

Lovely sky shot again.

I love the way Rails creep along with their great big feet :)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Ken, Thanks, Hopefully I'll get a chance for some sort of Kingfisher pic, at least the sunrise doesn't fly off :-)

Hi ShySongbird, Thank you, Kingfisher is always a bonus on any walk, for me. It was nice watching the Moorhens and their chicks and I do like watching the sunrise, it's a great time of day.