Thursday, 28 April 2011

April 28th.

For some reason I thought I would still be warm enough in shorts this morning, wrong! I decided to find somewhere with a little shelter from the wind and wait to see what turned up, so with a hedge going one way and some mature trees in the bridleway going the other I was set, ready for anything passing through the valley or using the hedges etc. Unfortunately the birds were more sensible and kept their heads down for the half hour I was there! One CUCKOO sang, as did a CHIFFCHAFF from the hedge I was standing by, 2 SWALLOWS flew low north and there were sporadic bursts of song from 2 WHITETHROATS further along the hedge and a LINNET flew over and that was the action for the first half hour. Moving on in the hope of, a) warming up and b) finding some birds, I did add a few species but generally it was slightly harder work today, a MISTLE THRUSH flew up from a sheep field and another Whitethroat sang not far from the lake, a GREEN WOODPECKER was on the bank by the lake but much to quick to get a photo as it disappeared into the wood the GARDEN WARBLER sang well again and a couple of LONG TAILED TITS shared a hedge with a GREAT TIT as I made my way back to the car.


Rachel J said...

Cute wren. He's right dinky! And it sooooo was too cold for shorts today Al!

ShySongbird said...

Shorts??? Long johns needed here Alan ;)

Nice to see the Wren, well captured, they're not very fond of having their photo taken in my experience.

Warren Baker said...

You've got most of the more common migrants now Alan, just Swift and Spotted Flycatcher left now :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, Thanks, He sat on that reed for a while, which was lucky :-)

Hi ShySongbird, Thanks, As the day went on it wasn't too bad but the morning wasn't very pleasant! Most of the Wrens I've tried to get have gone before I lift the camera :-)

Hi Warren, I think you're right that's about it, occasionally a Reed Warbler turns up in May, so I'll keep my fingers crossed as usual :-)