Wednesday, 20 April 2011

April 20th

After a day in Derby yesterday didn't leave much time to get to the patch, I was once again looking forward to my visit this morning. It was another glorious morning, searching the hedges in the car park I found 2 male CHAFFINCHES duelling and a couple of WRENS trying to out sing each other, whilst listening here I also heard my first LESSER WHITETHROAT (89) of the year, as I was listening a GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER flew low over the car park being lit nicely by the rising sun.
Chaffinch resting after a duel

Out into the valley and the fields, LINNETS again were most prevalent and a CUCKOO was singing nearby. I was joined by Alex and the short walk round the fields produced, YELLOWHAMMER, NIGHTINGALE, singing well and showing briefly, several SKYLARKS a GREY HERON, 3 COMMON WHITETHROATS, REED BUNTING and a second Lesser Whitethroat. Stephen was also out this morning and had Garden Warblers down by the lake, time was against me, so I didn't manage to go and get reacquainted with their song, which I will try to do tomorrow, with luck.

Steve Broyd recorded the moths this morning and there was a whopping 250 moths of 35 species with Frosted Green new for the site and a mammoth count of 123 Brindled Pugs!! plus 6 year ticks including one of my favourites Chinese Character.


Dean said...

one Brindled Pug`s enough for any man to contend with, Alan. Never mind 123.

Rachel J said...

Nice one Al.

Ken. said...

Hi Alan.
You sure had a great collection of summer migrants today, plus a great number of moths.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Well done with the Lesser Whitethroat , one of my favourites .

Warren Baker said...

Lesser Throat arrived here too today Alan, lovely sound aint it!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Dean, I was surprised at the numbers, I don't remember that many last year.

Hi Rach, Thanks, it was nice to hear the Lesser Whitethroats.

Hi Ken, It was another busy morning really and always entertaining :-)

Hi Greenie, Thanks, I'm looking forward to catching a glimpse of one over the next few days hopefully.

Hi Warren, It sounds like we weren't the only ones to record them, must have been a bit of an arrival :-)

ShySongbird said...

A very nice visit again Alan. Well done on the Lesser Whitethroats!

I do like moth names! Timothy Tortrix is my all time favourite :)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi ShySongbird, Thanks, it was another great way to start the day.

The names are great, I thought someone was joking when I first heard of Timothy Tortrix :-)