Tuesday, 26 April 2011

April 26th

A 5.30 start today and moths were back on the agenda, not before a quick look on the green in front of the castle though. It was actually quite cool and the a little windier than the weekend, when Steve and I got to the traps we found the moths had noticed this to, where there were 72 Brindled Pugs on the wall a few days ago this morning produced just 3! Despite this we did still add 3 new species for the year Clouded Border, Square Spot and Foxglove Pug, bringing the years total to 87 species.
As there weren't many moths I was walking by around 6.00am, a CUCKOO was singing early on, the first of 2 today, one of them being seen well. A couple of large gulls drifted over heading north a HERRING and a LESSER BLACK BACKED. There were 4 of us this morning looking around, obviously with Hoopoe in mind but after an hour or so looking in the most likely places there was no sign. I headed to the lake where a NIGHTINGALE was singing, this is away from the traditional sites here, it remains to be seen if this bird is just passing through. There were 2 GARDEN WARBLERS also at the lake otherwise it was fairly quiet. The Horse Chestnuts look particularly impressive at the moment and I think, here, we have not had many cases of the disease which has been affecting these trees recently.

COMMON WHITETHROATS were again in good voice today, there were at least 6 singing birds. A MEADOW PIPIT flew up from...you guessed it, the meadow, this was the first of these for a couple of days at least. 2 KESTRELS flew from an Oak by the stream and I managed to find  3 YELLOWHAMMERS and a pair of REED BUNTINGS as I made my way back to the car. Before I got there, I got a call from Stephen, he had had a Red Kite yesterday evening and it was still around near Digdog Lane this morning, unfortunately from my view point I couldn't see it and didn't have time to look for it as it was nearly 8.00am. Whilst writing this, some 6 hours later, Steve Broyd text to say he has just seen a Kite species presumably Red, heading towards Sissinghurst village from Digdog Lane.


Warren Baker said...

Nice Chaffinch photo Alan. I'm sure you will 'bump' into that Red Kite in the next few weeks :-)

Greenie said...

Alan ,
I well remember Digdog Lane .
Are the Early Purple Orchids still growing on the roadside bank ?

Ken. said...

Hi Alan.
A good day for moth numbers. I agree with Warren, lovely Chaffinch photo.

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photo of the Chaffinch Alan, like Robins they always seem a little more willing to pose than most of the others.

'Digdog Lane' what a great name, once heard never forgotten :)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, Thanks, I hope the photo isn't just a fluke :-) There have been a few Kites about so hopefully we'll get some more.

Hi Greenie, they are still we stopped to have a look on Saturday, I think there is only one other which somewhere in the wood.

Hi Ken, Thanks, I always enjoy the moths.

Hi ShySongbird, Thanks, they certainly are one of the easiest to get a shot of which is great when you just starting out :-)

I didn't believe that was the name when I first heard of Digdog Lane!!