Monday, 18 April 2011

April 18th

We spent the weekend with friends in Suffolk, if I had taken the camera I may have had some pictures of Red Deer, Dartford Warbler and Adder!! to put on this post, as it is I'll just have my memories, which is not a bad thing.
So over the weekend at Sissinghurst, Stephen did have a Cuckoo singing for about 15 mins before it flew off high south and he had about 10+ Buzzards. When I arrived this morning there were the usual mix of species round the car park, singing GOLDCREST, BLACKCAP, GREENFINCH, ROBIN and a couple of WRENS. I had good views of a male Blackcap briefly but only managed a photo of some foliage!
At least these didn't fly off

Once again there were LINNETS whizzing around everywhere it seemed, at least 4 YELLOWHAMMERS were seen this morning either flying over or singing from one of the many hedges. Two GOLDFINCHES fed near the shop and once down by the lake the GREYLAG numbers had risen to 8. A MARSH TIT called in the wood but remained unseen. Out in the fields there were two WHITETHROATS and the NIGHTINGALE sung. A MEADOW PIPIT flew north which seems to be the norm each morning at the moment, just as I thought there were no new migrants for me today a CUCKOO (88) sung as I reached the barn.
These were pretty safe too!


Rachel J said...

Still waiting to hear my first cuckoo this year!

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Those three would have made a great post .
You'll have to put it down to age , I'm dreading it !!
Well done with the Cuckoo .

Phil said...

No camera is a surefire way of seeing something interesting Alan!

Warren Baker said...

Got the Cuckoo then Alan, good to see them back in numbers now. Mipits have been going over most mornings here too.

As for catching me up on the year list, dont worry, I can think of just 4 more probables, and 3 maybe for the rest of the spring, then it all comes to a screaming halt....usually :-)

ShySongbird said...

Ah! The foliage but no bird photo, I know it well ;)

Well done with the Cuckoo Alan, I still haven't heard one yet this time, my husband keeps saying he thinks he might have...hmm! ;)

Good to see the Rabbits there are looking healthy, there seem to be an awful lot around here with Myxomatosis :(

Lovely Bluebells!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, It won't be long I'm sure :-)

Hi Greenie, I was slightly frustrated, I was conscious that we were visiting friends, they just kept saying 'should have brought your camera'!!!!

Hi Phil, I suppose there was no guaranteeing I would have got any decent shots but it would have been nice to have a go and get some more practice, maybe next time :-)

Hi Warren, It was nice to hear the Cuckoo, I'm hoping for a Yellow Wag. with the Pipits maybe.

It was great you picked up those 4 new birds it sort of inspires to me to find more, knowing that other people are adding to their lists :-)

Hi ShySongbird, I'm glad I'm not the only one :-)

Thanks, hopefully they'll stay around they normally do althuogh they have been difficult the last couple of years, I hope you get one soon.

Luckily, touch wood (my desk!) we haven't had much Myxi at the castle recently, I remember it a lot when I was younger and now it's just been a very small number, it's a nasty thing to see them suffering, I hope it diminishes soon where you are.

Simon said...

Well done with the Cuckoo! Nice Rabbit and Bluebell photos too!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Simon, Thanks, I'm taking another guided walk round this weekend so hopefully we'll hear the Cuckoo then as well.