Saturday, 23 April 2011

April 23rd

Yesterday a quick trip to Fairlight, East Sussex, produced a couple of interesting things, after 43 years not seeing an Adder until last week, we saw another one yesterday.The highlight though was a Green Hairstreak, my first ever! On the bird front the highlight was a Raven along the cliffs. There were loads of Whitethroats including 1 Lesser Whitethroat and also a Cetti's Warbler sang when we had almost reached Hastings old town!
This morning was another guided walk morning, the car park was quite productive with a SWALLOW over, a confiding GOLDFINCH and a few other regulars. COMMON WHITETHROATS were in good supply and maybe 10 were seen, 3 types of geese wereseen which did include the BARNACLE GOOSE again. The Coot seems to have disappeared and we didn't even find a Moorhen! In the wood we added MARSH TIT calling, a COAL TIT sang and showed briefly as did a NUTHATCH eventually. By breakfast we had reached 42 species. A walk round the fields added a nice singing GARDEN WARBLER which again, eventually showed well. With the weather so nice and a really good group of people the birds weren't secondary but it would have been a nice walk whatever we had seen. We continued on and  a YELLOWHAMMER posed as did several of the Whitethroats, after a look at the GREY HERONS, I spotted a HOBBY (93) which was catching insects in the distance, straight after this a NIGHTINGALE sung close by and the second CUCKOO of the day was heard. All in all a lovely morning ending on 49 species, although after everyone had gone I picked up 4 BUZZARDS in distance, shame I didn't find them earlier!
There was one thing we didn't see this morning which Stephen rang me with as we were going round, he had found the sites second ever Ring Ouzel!! while I was taking the group round, another one that has got away for me but fingers crossed there'll be more if there has been 2 already??  Unfortunately no pics today.


Rachel J said...

Finally heard my first cuckoo of the year this morning Al, then heard a few more on Ashdown Forest a bit later on with Mike. Lots of whitethroat, goldcrest, a few stonechats, a good view of a redstart and I managed to spot a woodlark right at the end even if I had to check with the experts if that's what it was!! (Give me 40 years' practise...) Getting on reasonably well with learning songs and calls, added linnets and redpolls to my repertoire today. Hope you are having a good Easter Al.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Unlucky with the Ring Ousel , but the Hobby was some compensation .
Nearly bought a bungalow at Fairlight many years ago , down at the Cliff End end , but it was too near the edge , the one in front had already toppled into the sea !

Phil and Mandy said...

A good days birding Alan, we will have to get down for a walk with you soon!

Warren Baker said...

An Ouzel will turn up for yu Alan, more lkely in the Autumn :-) Well done on the Hobby though!

ShySongbird said...

It sounded like a very rewarding and enjoyable visit Alan. You have beaten me because I have never seen a Green Hairstreak but would love to!

Simon said...

Great selection of birds there Alan!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, that sounds like you had a great trip, I sometimes forget how much there is in Ashdown Forest, well done with the Cuckoo to.

Hi Greenie, Sounds like a wise move with not buying that bungalow :-) It was nice to catch up with the Hobby they haven't been the easiest in recent years.

Hi Phil and Mandy, Just drop me an e-mail or give me a call and we'll see when we're all free :-)

Hi Warren, As always it's fingers crossed, it was slightly frustrating as it was the second record and I missed the first one to!!
I always love watching Hobbies though so that was good.

Hi Shysongbird, It was a great visit, especially sharing it with the group. I was surprised how small the Hairstreak was, it's just luck, I'm sure you'll find one, one of these days :-)

Hi Simon, Thanks, it was a really rewarding visit :-)