Wednesday, 27 April 2011

April 27th

Driving in today 2 GREY HERONS were seen high over Bull and Birches, several CHAFFINCHES flew off the lane in front of me and luckily all the very small Rabbits chose to run the right way, disappearing into the hedge. A quick walk round the car park produced very little. So off towards the veg garden and the first bird I saw was only the second HOUSE MARTIN for the year, there are generally good numbers in the village nearby but not big numbers at the castle not until autumn at least. I met up with Stephen briefly, while we chatted  6 geese flew over, the BARNACLE GOOSE, making most noise, 1 CANADA and 4 GREYLAGS.
A first ever, 3 species of geese at once on the lake, taken by Stephen on Friday

A LESSER WHITETHROAT sang from from it's favoured hedge, one of three on the estate at the moment and a SPARROWHAWK, probably a male, was just seen as it skimmed the top of a nearby hedge. We also watched the resident Sussex Bull having a scratch on the gate which cracked as he did it!! We headed off in different directions.
The Sussex

At the lake I found it a little quiet although, GARDEN WARBLER, BLACKCAP and WHITETHROAT could all be heard, I suppose that doesn't make it that quiet really!
Through the woods I enjoyed the spring flowers including a few Red Campion, a Stitchwort type thing and of course all the Bluebells. The Nuthatches were quiet today and just one TREECREEPER sang. Back in the open looking up for a flyover, Whimbrel maybe, you never know proved fruitless but a KESTREL did put in appearance which is always a nice sight. Once again YELLOWHAMMER and SKYLARK were singing well as was the NIGHTINGALE. I walked back via the bridleway accompanied by a small flock of 6 LINNET and 2 LONG TAILED TITS.


Rachel J said...

Really like the geese photo by Stephen, and the dandelion clocks. Two years ago I had goldfinches feeding on these for a week in my front garden. It's been a fantastic excuse not to garden too carefully but they've not graced us with their presence again yet although I've heard them pass overhead quite a bit this year now that I've got the hang of their calls. Always hopeful for a visit though. Is that hoopoe still about?

Simon said...

Really like the dandelion photo Alan! Some really good bird species, interesting to see you had a Barnacle Goose.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
That's a great 3 Goose shot .
On the Greensand Ridge we have Highland cattle in the fields . It's amazing the damage they do to posts and gate just by rubbing against them . Quite a few burgers on that bull .

ShySongbird said...

Not surprised you headed off, with the gate cracking and that hefty chap behind it!! ;)

Well done with the three geese types all together. Nice photos too. Surprising how attractive a field of Dandelion clocks look.

Phil said...

I'd forgotten they were called Dandelion clocks. Wasn't it something to do with telling the time by the amount of blows it took to dispel the seeds?
Anyway, nice pictures Alan, especially the clocks :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, I hope the Goldfinches drop in for a visit, I 'm afraid the Hoopoe hasn't been seen since Monday and a few of us are looking for it.

Hi Simon, Thanks, they did catch my eye for whatever reason, the dandelions that is. I've never taken so many photos since I started the blog, it's great if the odd one turns out ok.

Hi Greenie, Stephen did well with the geese photo, I'd be surprised if that happens again on the lake, great he captured it. That Bull did look like he was going lean right through that gate!

Hi ShySongbird, It was quite nice seeing them all go over together. Like Phil I'd forgotten the dandelions were called clocks :-)

Hi Phil, Now you say that about the blowing thing, I seem to remember something from my childhood about that, funny how you forget some of those things :-)