Monday, 7 March 2011

March 7th

Arriving at 7.10 after the expected but forgotten about defrosting of the car, it was a beautiful morning, crisp, cold and bright. The birds were fairly lively, plenty of Chaffinches singing a couple Great Spotted Woodpeckers chased around in the aspen. The sheep field held about 15 Starlings and 6 Fieldfares and there seemed like there were more House Sparrows than normal as well, judging by the din coming from the granary and various other localities. A good flock of Woodpigeons lifted simultaneously from a small wood on the edge of the estate but unfortunately there was no sign of what may have disturbed them, a further scan across the valley only produced a small flock of 12 Chaffinch flying over and 5 Goldfinches close by.
Once at the lake it was again quite noisy with Great Tits, Nuthatches, Treecreepers and Mistle Thrushes all singing or calling. One small flock I came across held 2 Goldcrests, 2 Marsh Tits, 3 Great Tits and 2 Long Tailed Tits, I tried to get a couple of shots but failed to get anything passable. Other birds of note today were a flyover Siskin and 1 Common Gull, a Jay, Grey Heron and several Greenfinches.
View from a bridge- (didn't see Kim Wilde though!)


Warren Baker said...

Sounds much the same as it is here Alan. Chiffchaffs wont be long now :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, you are right it's just a matter of time, let's hope we have a few surprises while we wait for them :-)