Friday, 18 March 2011

March 18th

I was pleasantly surprised to head out and not get the rain that was forecast for this morning and it wasn't too cold either. The Redwings and Fieldfares hang on, today Redwings were in the ascendancy with 20 and only half a dozen Fieldfare, 2 Greylag Geese flew over the car park and I heard Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Bullfinch in quick succession. I stopped to take a pic of a Great Tit that was determined not to turn round and a BRAMBLING flew into a nearby tree called twice then carried on North, only the second one of the year for me, so a nice start.

Finally he turned round
 I did the backwards walking thing again finding 4 Reed Buntings, 4 Skylarks at least 8 Yellowhammers and hearing several Linnets. Today a Chiffchaff was in full song and it lasted more than a few seconds, though there was still nothing on the freshly ploughed field. Two Canada Geese flew over and I later found them on the lake.

Admiring the fine hedges

I wasn't sure which pictures to put on, so I did the lot!!
Shame it's a bit dark.
 The only gulls today were 2 Herring flying north over the wood and the 3 Jays were again by the lake. Heading passed the lake there was no sign of Marsh or Coal Tit today and I really only added Nuthatch, Jackdaw, Stock Dove and Goldcrest to the list as I made my way back to the car via Park Field.


Warren Baker said...

That rain waited for me to finish work Alan, interesting photo's of your patch, always helps to have an idea of your habitat.

ShySongbird said...

What a beautiful place to have for 'your' patch Alan! I have often seen it featured on television and in books and magazines but to have it at your disposal on a daily basis must be very special.

Lovely photos. I photographed a Pheasant recently and on the same walk yesterday found a pile of Pheasant feathers :( The victim of a Fox, I imagine.

I also saw a number of Yellowhammers but as last time they were on the roof of a barn which is too distant for decent photographs.

Simon said...

Well done with the Brambling!!! Good to hear there's still some around.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, I did think of you while I was at work and the rain looked like it had set in and wondered if you managed a walk or not :-)

Hi ShySongbird, I do love walking my patch and never get bored even if there are no birds.

It's a shame to hear about the pheasant, especially as it probably escaped the guns!

Great to see a few Yellowhammers, I hope they do get close enough for a photo soon.

Hi Simon, the Brambling was a nice surprise, they have been difficult to find around here this winter.