Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Another bright morning!!

What lovely start to the day again, it didn't feel quite as cold as yesterday despite the frost, birds were singing from around 5.45 this morning as my alarm went off, I arrived at 6.50 hoping to add to the years total of 73 which I seem stuck on at the moment! Especially as Stephen had added Grey Wagtail over the weekend, I thought there might be a chance also March does turn up some good birds, we've had Great Grey Shrike, Red Kite and Stonechats sometimes appear at this time of year.
As I left the car park I heard a whirring of wings and just caught sight of a medium size bird disappearing over the roof of the coffee shop, unfortunately I couldn't be sure what it was, my guess would be Woodcock or Partridge but the sighting was all to breif. The sheep were up and about and it was interesting to watch Pied Wagtails and Starlings searching the the place the sheep must have slept as the grass was green with no frost.
A small group of 12 Black-Headed Gulls dropped in with 1 Common Gull but didn't stay long, at least 3 Treecreepers were singing today and instead of the more usual Marsh Tit, 2 Coal Tits called, just for a change! Out in the fields it was again Skylark, Yellowhammer and a few Fieldfares that were most evident, a Grey Heron again flew over and a Great Spotted Woodpecker wouldn't come round to the side of the tree that I could photograph! I spoke to my Dad later who walked round after me and he had seen 4 Buzzards together quite low, giving as good views as he'd ever had.
Chaffinches at dawn, nearly.


Adam said...

To have a 'usual' Marsh Tit - I wish! Thanks for comments on my blog Alan, I'm just about to leave a reply about Saturn and where to see it!


Rachel J said...

Sorry I've fallen a bit behind with following this Al. Life's gone a bit beserk for a couple weeks! But I'm still here and will get round to reading about your hols as soon as I can keep my poor tired eyes open long enough! Had a nice few birds at Michelham Priory over the weekend. Catch up soon!

Mike H said...


Paid a visit to you patch on Sunday.No sign of the usual Marsh Tit,mores the pity, did get good views of 5 Bulfinch in the hedges opposite the Granary

Alan Pavey said...

Thanks Adam, I looked at the Saturn info, unfortunately it was a bit cloudy last night!

Good to hear you are still around Rach, reading the hols thing could help your tired eyes shut a bit quicker! :-)

Hi Mike, typically the Marsh Tits were back this morning, the best place at the moment for a couple of the birds is at the end of the lake with the reeds from the wooden walkway they have been there most mornings otherwise there is a small pond in the wood a hundred or so yards to the west which can be good for mixed flocks of Tits and crests. Nice to get the Bullfinches they are always a nice addition to any walk.
All the best