Wednesday, 30 March 2011

March 30th

This morning it was back to the moth traps first thing, after a couple of species being added while I was away, which were Red Chestnut and Early Tooth Striped, we managed to add another couple this morning with a Muslin Moth and an Early Thorn. Numbers weren't amazingly high but at least 15 species were recorded.
While we recorded the moths a Redpoll stopped off in a nearby Silver Birch and 2 Siskins flew over, the winter theme continued with a dozen or so Redwings and at least 3 Fieldfares before we put everything away.

Treecreeper taken yesterday early evening
Pete the warden joined me for the rest of the walk, it was fairly quiet in respect of the number of species but the birds that were there made up for it in volume, especially round the lake. We saw 3 Great Spotted Woodpeckers a couple of Bullfinch, lots of Chiffchaff singing but no sign of yesterdays Blackcap. The Greylags flew in and a couple of Moorhens ran for cover. There was something I forgot to mention yesterday, that was I watched my wife do a tandem skydive on Friday (I didn't fancy it myself!!) at Headcorn and after she landed I spotted an adult Red Kite heading east, it was all the more pleasing as my Dad was with us and saw it to. Below are some random images, also from yesterday early evening.
Part of the gardens this time without Daffodils!

I like the effect lots of Blackthorn gives, looks like it's snowed but only on this part of the hedge!!

More Blackthorn.


Ken. said...

Hi Alan.
Not a back count of moths, 15 sounds good to me.
It is also good to see that there are still a few winter thrushes around, albeit not for much longer.
Nice photo of the Blackthorn, and Treecreeper.

Warren Baker said...

I wonder if i'll see any more winter thrushes Alan ?

Like the 'creeper shot :-)

Phil said...

You can't count a flying wife as a tick Alan, even if she is a nice bird!

ShySongbird said...

Well done with that Treecreeper Alan! I find them fiendishly difficult to photograph.

I wonder if your wife will forgive you for sounding just a tad more interested in the Red Kite than in her skydive ;)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Ken, Thanks, I was pleased with 15 species for this time of year, we did get 109 species in a morning, I think it was July 2009!! :-)

Hi Warren, I'm wondering if any will make it just into April, Thanks.

Hi Phil, I thought it was worth a try especially as Warren is leaving me behind with the number of species so far :-)

Hi ShySongbird, Thanks, I'm not sure if my wife will forgive me but she doesn't read my blog all the time, so I might be ok!! I was very proud of her, she's certainly braver than me!