Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Did the Moths see the light?

It was mistier this morning, so I didn't expect much, as we looked at the moth trap 8 Siskins flew over, we checked the traps, numbers were definitely down on a couple of days ago but we did find a really nice Dotted Chestnut, which was a nice surprise. The other moths in the first trap were mainly Small Quakers, Clouded Drabs a few Chestnut, Common Quaker, March Moth and Twin spotted Quaker. The second trap was a little more sheltered and there were around 14 Oak Beauty, 2 Yellow Horned and our second year tick of the day a Lead Coloured Drab, very apt for the overall ambiance of the morning!!

Dotted Chestnut

Lead Coloured Drab, note the fairly distinct 'Kidney' mark,  unfortunately the feathered antennae are hidden, another diagnostic feature.

I missed the lakes and went straight round the fields, hoping for a lost Wheatear or something of the like. There were several Goldfinches and Linnets calling and I again counted 3 Yellowhammers in song. A Meadow Pipit called as it flew over the first for sometime, I heard it or others on at least four more occasions on my walk round this morning. By the stream I found just one Reed Bunting and finally heard a Chiffchaff singing!! albeit briefly. Back towards the castle I saw 2 Bullfinches, heard a couple of Great Spots drumming and a Pied Wagtail called in the distance. Just 26 species this morning well down on the 40+ I have had in the last few days but still good to be out as always.


ShySongbird said...

Sissinghurst seems like a good place for Yellowhammers Alan.

I always think think how imaginatively named a lot of the moths are :)

Warren Baker said...

The Chiffchaff was singing here this morning too Alan, spring is being dragged in, very very slowly this year!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi ShySongbird, The Yellowhammers are a nice regular here, fingers crossed it stays that way, I love the moth names too, I'm quite new to them but it's fun learning :-)

Hi Warren, Glad the Chiffchaff has announced it's arrival, there is a rumour a field or two is going to be ploughed here soon, hopefully that will bring something in? :-)

Dean said...

I`m green with envy over the Dotted Chestnut. It`s one of the top species on my want to see list.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Dean, We started trapping in June 2009 and recorded, I think, just 2 Dotted Chestnuts last March from what I can remember, I hope you get one, I can't remember their distribution. What are your chances?