Saturday, 12 March 2011

March 12th, Moths and Birds

Last night the Moth trap went on for the first time this month, it was quite a busy night with good numbers of Small and Common Quakers, Hebrew Characters a couple of each of Oak Beauty, Yellow Horned, Twin Spotted Quaker, several Clouded Drabs, March Moth as well as a Shoulder Striped and a Small Brindled Beauty and a couple of Dotted Borders for good measure! there were probably just over 100 moths in all.
Oak Beauty
On the bird front this morning it was again very spring like and with reports of Wheatear and Sand Martins from Dungeness, as always I was optimistic. Yellowhammers and Skylarks dominated the air waves and several Grey Herons were drifting up and down the valley, Stephen text to say the Stonechat was still around and I was standing where it had just flown to! within a few minutes I relocated the bird in the same newly planted hedgerow as yesterday.
Slightly nearer than yesterday but not much.
Otherwise it was much the same as yesterday but without Chiffchaff and Grey Wagtail and for the first time for ages no winter visitors were seen or heard. It was a fairly short visit as I'm working today :( but I'll be back tomorrow all being well.


Warren Baker said...

Still winter visitors here Alan :-) My Stonechat didn't hang about though ;-(

Mike H said...


Made a visit late morning to your patch. Met up with the warden who said you had been down.Finally got to see the Marsh tits on one of the walks B in where the pallet has been covering a muddy path. Also saw Siskins there and bullfinch in hedges at the end of the boardwalk. Buzzard flew over mobbed by crow. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

100 moths. That`s excellent going for the time of year. Nice one, Alan.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Well done with your recent Stonechat sightings / shots .
Those Winter Thrushes are certainly getting fewer by the day .

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, most the birds here only stay one day so I was surprised the Stonechat was still around.

Hi Mike, glad you found the Marsh Tits, I missed them this morning!! :-)

Hi Dean, We do quite well for numbers of moths, I'm not sure why but I remember we had 460 Lunar Underwings in a morning last autumn!!

Hi Greenie, the Stonechat was a nice surprise and as you say the winter Thrushes are going to be more sporadic now.