Thursday, 31 March 2011

March 31st

I did have a quick look on the patch yesterday afternoon to see if the rain had dropped anything in, unfortunately, I just got wet and that was about it!!
This morning also had a drizzly, slight return to winter feel about it but the first bird I heard as I opened the car door was a Blackcap singing near the small pond at the entrance. I spent some time looking around the car park but didn't add much, 3 Chaffinch, 2 Greenfinch, 2 Robins, a Wren and a Blackbird.

 Making my way passed the Granary after finding nothing in the veg. garden, I disturbed a Sparrowhawk which flew off through the archway. There were a few Redwing still around, they were by the moat this morning, in the Oaks. The lake was nearly devoid of birds, save one Moorhen. So it was through the woods, 2 Goldcrests sung just passed the bottom lake and a pair of Marsh Tits showed well but the light for a photo was poor, 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers argued over a drumming post and the first Bullfinches I heard today were back out in the field, on the edge of the wood, I didn't find much else although a pair of Yellowhammers were also seen well, there was nothing on the freshly planted fields, which is where I was hoping for maybe a Wheatear, if I was lucky, finally a flock of 7 Linnets were feeding by one of the young hedges.
I think these are Milk Maids, hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong!!


Rachel J said...

Yes looks like cuckoo flower which is same thing as milkmaid according to internet. Nice pic.

Warren Baker said...

Also known as Ladies Smock Alan.

Calm before the storm on your patch today ?

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Keep an eye on those Milk Maids / Ladies Smock / Cuckoo Flower ,it is the food plant of the Orange Tip butterfly , laying a single egg on a stem . The wet woods behind the lakes there are a good area for the species .

ShySongbird said...

I love Ladies Smock, it was always such a thrill hunting for the first ones of the year when I was little.

The Blackcap has a lovely song so that must have been a nice treat for you.

Very nice photos too.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rachel and Warren, thanks for the confirmation on the flower, I know it's fairly common but I'm not great at flowers!! I hope it is the calm before the storm Warren :-)

Hi Greenie, I shall take a closer look, we do quite well for Orange Tips as you say, the area behind the lakes is where I took the picture!!

Hi ShySongbird,Thank you, I do like it as all the different plants start to emerge and colour of the woodland floor changes and Ladies Smock is one I remember finding when I was much younger! (although not knowing the name)
The Blackcap was a great way to start the walk, I've got one singing at work today to which is a nice bonus.

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