Thursday, 8 September 2011

September 8th

This is another shortish post, it felt like there should be things around but if they were there, I didn't find them!! Less than 30 species for the visit is quite unusual. That said the first flock of SWALLOWS that went over also had 2 SAND MARTINS in, which was a nice start, 6 GOLDFINCH flew over the car park and as I tracked them a GREY HERON came into view in the distance. Too me one of the things that makes it feel a bit more autumnal at the moment is that the ROBIN is the most tuneful on my early morning walks and in the last couple of days a few Robin phrases intermingled with a single note of the odd CHIFFCHAFF has given it that feel. (along with the conditions maybe!)
LINNETS were in good numbers again with several flocks of 10-20 birds bounding around the veg garden area. I only heard 2 BLACKCAPS this morning but 14 SKYLARKS came up out of the fields, the largest number for a few weeks. After yesterdays Wheatear fest, 1 WHEATEAR was found a couple of fields over from yesterday's 4. YELLOWHAMMERS numbered 15+ and REED BUNTINGS just one, there was also a solitary SPARROWHAWK over Digdog Lane.
Todays lone Wheatear!


Frank said...

Nice portrait of the Wheatear Alan.

Warren Baker said...

I get the same feeling - that there could be something different about, especially as the Wheatear and Whinchats are dropping in nicely :-)

Keep up the visits though, something will turn up out of the ordinary :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Frank. Great shot, Alan.

Rachel J said...

It definitely feels like Autumn!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Frank, Thanks, I'm glad they like posing :-)

Hi Warren, I'm just waiting for that next species to break my year total record, I wonder how long it will take?

Hi Dean, Thanks, it makes up for the pic. I lost when I got an error code a few weeks ago.

Hi Rach, it does indeed, hopefully it'll bring lots of birds!!