Tuesday, 13 September 2011

September 13th

A brighter start today but still a bit on the windy side! still it was another enjoyable walk. Leaving the car park I came across about 6 CHIFFCHAFF and 3 SPOTTED FLYCATHERS still hanging on, around the picnic tables, also a GOLDCREST showed all to breifly before being chased off by one of the Chiffchaffs.
One of several Chiffchaffs today

Young  Spot.  Fly.

A few more HERRING GULLS were seen today, 22 birds headed west, mainly staying fairly low. SWALLOWS were thin the ground with a couple of flocks in single figures being noted, I did hear HOUSE MARTIN in one of these as well. Another small flock of birds was near the offices and contained more Chiffchaffs and several BLACKCAPS as well as half a dozen YELLOWHAMMER.
A few of this mornings Gulls

A new bird for the month was COLLARED DOVE and a couple of birds I missed on Saturday were seen, GREY HERON and MOORHEN, the Grey Heron being mobbed as it descended down to the lake.
Heron being mobbed

 Two GREY WAGTAILS called as they flew high over the lake heading west and were also new for the month taking the total to 60. The last bit of action was a SPARROWHAWK that flew out of a nearby Oak, I rarely manage to spot them before I spook them, more field craft required I think!!?


Phil said...

Lovely Spot Fly shot Alan. I searched New Hythe for one today without success.....again!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Phil, Cheers, I've been really lucky this year with Spot Flys, although while I was away in Yorkshire Dad had a count of around 20 birds which would have been a record for me!!

Warren Baker said...

Stange how the spotflies leave my area so soon in the Autumn Alan, Its not often I get a September spotfly. Great photo of one :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, thanks, it has been a good year here, which might explain them hanging on longer?