Monday, 26 September 2011

Saturday 24th- Arundel and Pulborough.

Frank and I set off around 6.30am to look for the Pallid Harrier that had been around a few days near Arundel in West Sussex. We found the site pretty easily, it was quite foggy so it was a waiting game on two fronts, the fog and the bird. I hadn't visited this site before, it was a really nice area. There were plenty of CHIFFCHAFFS around and a covey Partridges we came across early on were GREY PARTRIDGE, not a bird I see often in Kent these days, a couple of RED LEGGED PARTRIDGES also shared the same field.
Grey Partridge


There were quite a few people about mainly congregating at a junction in the road at about the highest point around. We decided to explore a bit and found the first of maybe 5 WHEATEARS seen while we were there.SISKINS were heard going over on and off all day and the numbers of SWALLOWS and MARTINS was tremendous, the air was filled with them all morning. It was BUZZARDS though that stole the day, we could hear them calling while we watched others perched, unfortunately none close enough for a photo, a total of over 20 would not be an exaggeration, at one time 12 were in the air together. Throw in, upto 4 SPARROWHAWKS, 3 RED KITES, 4 KESTRELS and a HOBBY and it was a fantastic morning for birds of prey. A couple of RAVENS were added to the list but by 1pm we hadn't come across the Harrier, there had been a brief sighting at 10.30, literally for a few seconds but everyone we met had drawn a blank. We headed back to the car for some well deserved lunch and to decide our next move.
We headed to Pulborough Brooks, as it turns up a few things every so often and for a change of scenery. The highlights here were 6 RUFF, 2 DUNLIN and 7 STONECHATS. Wildfowl numbers looked like they were starting to build, there were many TEAL, along with a few SHOVELER and 20 or so WIGEON. We headed back home after taking in all the hides and enjoying the peacefulness of the surroundings.


Phil said...

Bad luck with the Pallid Harrier Alan.Presumably it's the same bird that has now been seen in Kent?

Dean said...

Unfortunate to dip on the Harrier, Alan. But at least you got something out of the day. Nice one.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
Quite a few disappointed along with yourself recently , so I read .
Perhaps the Cliff Marshes bird will do the honours .

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Phil, It was slightly ironic that we went to West Sussex and then a bird was found at Cliffe!! I think it is a different bird as they were both seen Saturday early evening in their respective haunts :-)

Hi Dean, It was a shame to miss the bird but to explore a new area was good.

Hi Greenie, the area where the bird could have been was very large, if I get a chance I might have a look at Cliffe, probably more because I haven't been there for quite a few years, the harrier could be a good excuse to visit again.