Friday, 16 September 2011

September 16th

There weren't many moths this morning but year ticks were Lunar Underwing (23) and Orange Sallow.

A single SPOTTED FLYCATCHER was hanging on in the car park this morning with 8 BLACKCAPS, plus there were at least 4 Blackcaps elsewhere on the estate. CHIFFCHAFFS numbered 10 and 1 WILLOW WARBLER uttered a phrase under it's breath by the barn. No great shakes again today but new for the month were CANADA GOOSE and a flyover REDPOLL (first of the autumn), making 62 species for the month. Yesterdays Stonechats appear to have departed. The fields and hedges held a single WHITETHROAT and 15 YELLOWHAMMERS as well as a couple REED BUNTINGS and the large flock of corvids still numbered well over 100 birds, 3 SKYLARK and half a dozen MEADOW PIPITS completed the picture. It won't be long before the last few Swallow have a few a winter thrushes sharing the skies with them, a change I was always enjoy witnessing.

Spot Fly. Could it be the last one this year?


Rachel J said...

I saw a spot fly at the top of Bedgebury this week; mine seemed to be hanging around with a blackcap too, do they typically associate?

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, I think this time of year birds tend to look for good feeding places which attracts a variety of birds to a particular bush or hedge etc. Finding one of these flocks has led to me finding Pied Fly in among them on rare occasions :-)

Warren Baker said...

Your Blackcap photo looks like one of mine Alan, dont they infuriate when they always hide behind bits of vegetation :-)

Another good spotfly though!

John said...

Hi Alan,
Could well be the last Spot Fly, you`re doing well to still be having them at this time of year!
Love the two photos!

Kieron said...

Redpoll already Alan, how this year is flying past! I saw a group of Thrushes earlier and half expected a Redwing amongst them.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, Thanks, tried again with Blackcap this morning, had one clear shot and missed it!!

Hi John, Thanks, I've certainly had a good run on Spot Flys this year.

Hi Kieron, I have a feeling Redpolls may breed nearby, so it could have been one of those but this one was heading high south?