Wednesday, 14 September 2011

September 14th

Cool and fine this morning, with little noise in the car park. I did end up with 7 BLACKCAPS, 4 of which were along the hedge near the new orchard, with these there was 1 GARDEN WARBLER, a bird which is not always easy in September here, this was my second one of the month.
Garden Warbler

 Three of yesterdays CHIFFCHAFF were around the picnic benches and another 4 were added at various points around the walk. Finches were represented by 2 GREENFINCH, 14 GOLDFINCH, 1 BULLFINCH, 10 LINNET, several CHAFFINCH and what sounded like a large flock of SISKIN, that unfortunately, I couldn't track down, they were doing that chattery call which I hear more when they are feeding but it sounded like they were flying over, even doing a full 360 and managing not to fall over, I still didn't find them!!

Also when they chatter it sometimes sounds like there are more than there really are. Probably the highlight of the walk were the 4 fly over YELLOW WAGTAILS, 3 together quite low and one following on a few seconds later. Around the hedges I managed to find 3 WHITETHROATS and good numbers of buntings again. A MEADOW PIPIT flew south and another single SAND MARTIN went through with SWALLOWS. Stephen was out yesterday and today, his highlights were Wheatear yesterday and Sedge Warbler and Kingfisher today. I'm going off patch to Dungeness with Dad tomorrow, hopefully there will be some bits about.

Reed Bunting


Warren Baker said...

Garden Warblers are difficult to here in Sep. too Alan, not had one this month.

Great Photo's again, love that Yammer!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, Cheers, I've missed Garden Warbler in September before now on more than one occasion