Monday, 19 September 2011

September 19th

I was late arriving to check the moths with Steve, we did have 4 year ticks though, with moths that definitely herald the start of autumn, Deep Brown Dart, Black Rustic, Frosted Orange and Pink Barred Sallow, were the 4 new ones. We also had 83 Lunar Underwings.

Frosted Orange

One of the first birds this morning was a SISKIN heading south, it turned out to be the only one in my hour and a bit visit. MISTLE THRUSHES have been more evident in my last few visits after only seeing one or two a month for the last few months but Song Thrushes are, as they say, conspicuous by their absence. There were 4 CHIFFCHAFF, out of this morning 7, in the car park with little else. A few MEADOW PIPITS were going over but in no particular direction. A KINGFISHER flew off the moat towards the lake catching me sleeping as usual. I thought for a while I was only going to get Chiffchaff as far as summer visitors were concerned but eventually a couple of SWALLOWS flew south and a total of 16 were seen in all, still not many though. A WHITETHROAT and BLACKCAP were the only other summer birds to be seen, as Warren said on his Pittswood blog, this is a bit later than usual here too for Whitethroat. 8 HERRING GULLS were joined by 1 GREAT BLACK BACKED GULL, new for the month and lastly a single CORMORANT flew west. I almost forgot, I did add LITTLE OWL to the month list yesterday, heard only though.


Warren Baker said...

Interesting you have late Whitethroats too Alan. Its true what you say about the Songthrushes too, they are all hiding up moulting at the moment!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, it is interesting,I wonder if it's the case for both further afield as well? :-)