Tuesday, 9 August 2011

August 9th

A coolish start and a quick look in the old orchard by the road didn't lead to any significant sightings, recently a young Fox has been seen jumping around in the long grass there and despite going into 'stealth mode' (possibly to be renamed clumsy oaf mode!) on a couple of occasions it disappears before I get a chance of a picture! I really thought I was close once and I must have looked extremely dodgy, almost on all fours half crawling across the field!
The car park was still quiet, NUTHATCH being of note and 2 SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS putting in an appearance. I was drawn again to the corner of the veg garden where I could see a lot of activity again. There are now a few piglets running around in a little pen in this corner, which could be the attraction. There were at least 5 SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS, 2 adult and 3 young, 3 WILLOW WARBLERS, a TREECREEPER, several CHIFFCHAFFS, CHAFFINCHES and BLUE and GREAT TITS. At the corner of the moat 1 GARDEN WARBLER explored a young oak and 10 HERRING GULLS flew north. The hedges were quieter but still held half a dozen REED BUNTINGS and several YELLOWHAMMERS. Stephen had the WHEATEAR again in the same field as yesterday and as I left a BUZZARD flew west. I'm a bit behind still on photos so here are a few that I managed to upload yesterday.

Yes I did get wet, this was Sunday!

An addition to this years mammal list was this Mink!

The Tower and Priests Cottage

Willow Warbler

The 'showy'  Sedge Warbler from yesterday

The Wheatear still present today.


Marc Heath said...

Some nice shots there, shame about the Mink one though!

Alan Pavey said...

Thanks Marc, the Mink is a shame, I'm sure they've put paid to many broods of the few nesting waterbirds we get here.

Warren Baker said...

It all looks so peacefull on your patch Alan :-)

Like the sedgie!!

Greenie said...

Alan ,
I like your Sedge Warbler shots too , and well done with the Wheatear .
That's certainly a 'big sky' at Sissinghurst .

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, Thanks, it generally is quite peaceful the time I'm usually there but once the castle opens it can get a bit busier.

Hi Greenie, Thanks, I love all that sky, sometimes a calling bird going over can be difficult to find but at least there aren't too many obstructions :-)