Wednesday, 10 August 2011

August 10th

Firstly some late news from yesterday, Stephen and I were lucky enough to pick up a HONEY BUZZARD (105) passing through, it was very low at times and when I got over the excitement, I did take a couple of shots as it was being chased by a crow, unfortunately not great pics but just for the record and greatly cropped!! Another less than annual visitor here. Just after we saw this, I headed off, Stephen called as I got round the corner but unfortunately I missed the Tree Pipit that had probably just flown straight over my head!
Honey Buzzard! (yesterday)

This morning was the first time I'd been up to record the moths for over a week, they were pretty thin on the ground, Straw Underwing being the most common moth with probably not more than 20 individuals.
Back to the birds, at least 10 GOLDFINCH were in the Silver Birches at the top of the car park where a family of 4 BLACKCAP were diving in and out the now ripening Elderberries. I heard a distant GREY HERON but couldn't see it and the first of 3 HERRING GULLS flew north west. Overall activity was a bit less today, a total of 7 WILLOW WARBLERS was notable with a couple going into a little subsong and a TURTLE DOVE was species number 68 for the month.
Spotted Flycatcher

Willow Warbler

Reed Bunting

I did tear myself away from the hedges for a while and visited the lake, where a KESTREL flew through. Into the wood and I could hear LONG TAILED TITS, MARSH TIT and TREECREEPER, best of all here were 3 young SPARROWHAWKS heard begging for food, I did see one bird briefly but they remained mostly hidden, sounding like they had found an Oak tree each to call from. JAYS were also noisy and I came across 2 family parties in different parts of the wood and as in another blog I read, GREEN WOODPECKERS were everywhere. Lastly back at the car park a LITTLE OWL disappeared into an Ash tree before I headed off to work. (click on pics for larger image).

Young Green Woodpecker

Stock Dove


alan woodcock said...

Hi Alan,what next! GREAT.

Phil said...

Well done with the Honey Buzzard Alan.
You're racing ahead of me now with 105 to my 103.
Super Green Woodpecker pic too.

Warren Baker said...

Ive out skywatching for the past few days looking for exactly that Alan - A Honey Buzzard, no luck for me though.

A Reed Bunting would be nice too :-)

I like that Stock Dove photo, a bird ive never got a photo of yet!

John said...

A Honey Buzzard, superb Alan, well done!

Marc Heath said...

Well done with the Honey and some nice pics as well of the birds in your patch.

Greenie said...

Alan ,
As Mark has already said , a really nice set of shots .
Well done with the Honey Buzzard , a great find .

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Alan, who knows, I hope my luck continues!

Hi Phil, Thanks, 110 is my best year total so I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I'm sure you'll be closing the gap again soon :-)

Hi Warren, there has been a few recorded in the last week or so, hopefully one will drift your way.

Reed Bunting must be due for you soon too :-)

Hi John, Thanks, the HB is always a bonus when one turns up.

Hi Marc, Thanks, I really like raptors, so it always great to add another to the year list.

Hi Greenie, Thanks, I wonder if we'll get an influx, like the one we had several years ago.

Kieron said...

Hi Alan
Love the Green Woodpecker photo and fantastic luck to see the Honey Buzzard

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Kieron, Thanks, as above, I hope my luck holds for the rest of the autumn at least :-)