Friday, 19 August 2011

19th August

It was a really bright morning, SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS were down in number from yesterday, with just 4 seen this morning, BULLFINCH and WILLOW WARBLER were joined by at least 5 BLACKCAPS mostly looking like they were enjoying the sun. For the first time this year I forgot my notebook and was obviously feeling bare without it!! I had a quick look for the Redstart but couldn't locate it. I made my way out to the fields, a GREY WAGTAIL called as it flew high north before dropping down and doing a quick circuit of the veg garden and carrying on it's way, I think this is number 77 or 78 for the month without the notebook, I can't quite remember. Down in the fields the group of 3 'chats', STONECHAT and 2 WHINCHATS, were still present and looking quite settled for possibly their fourth day. COMMON WHITETHROATS were in most of the hedges I walked along today, 7 birds were counted. I reached the barley and a warbler flew up briefly and landed back down about 15ft away, it popped up again and flew into the hedge, GRASSHOPPER WARBLER, probably the same bird as earlier in the week, as it was only about 20 yards from where that one was found. Continuing round, alongside the tree lined bridleway, there were good numbers of REED BUNTINGS and YELLOWHAMMER, Reed Buntings were most numerous with around 15-20 birds and probably 10-15 Yellowhammers, over all a really good flock, probably local birds but it's unusual here to get more Reed Buntings than Yellowhammers. A GOLCREST was also along the bridleway as were 2 more WILLOW WARBLERS and a singing CHIFFCHAFF.


Warren Baker said...

Very nice birds on your visit today Alan, I am still awaiting a Reed Bunting this Autumn!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, Thanks, it was a nice a walk as ever, the bunting flock was unexpected as there have only been 3's or 4's together up 'til now.