Wednesday, 17 August 2011

August 16th & 17th

16th August  

(apologies no pics for a day or so again as the computer is being worked on)   :-(
The moth traps were buzzing this morning, unfortunately quite literally, as Wasps were almost as numerous as the moths! There was nothing new for the year but Bordered Beauty, Silver Y and Small Rufous were of note also a single Flounced Rustic was new for the year. 171 moths of 46 species were recorded in all.
I arrived while it was still dark and added TAWNY OWL to the month list, this was accompanied by 2 noisy LITTLE OWLS. It took a while for everything else to get going, when it did WILLOW WARBLER and CHIFFCHAFF calls could be heard for the duration of the walk. I am also starting to wonder when the SPARROWHAWK chicks will stop begging, they were still going strong this morning. The first event of the morning was a couple of buzzing calls as a TREE PIPIT (108) flew south, I've missed at least two of these so far this year, so it was nice to pick this one up. Like yesterdays Grasshopper Warbler, it's pretty much annual but you still need that element of luck as they very rarely land, just call as they head south. The pipit was followed by a small group of HOUSE MARTINS, south, any gulls that went over today were all going in the opposite direction, 10 HERRING and 2 LESSER BLACK BACKED. There were a couple of butterflies around this morning and most pleasing was another Painted Lady that this time did stop just long enough for a photo. A SEDGE WARBLER was in one of the hedges and I came across at least 12 WHITETHROATS with 2 LESSER WHITETHROATS, with a handful of REED BUNTINGS in another hedge. I saw Stephen at the top of the hill, as I was making my way towards him, he rung to say he had 2 WHINCHAT and a STONECHAT together at the top of the field, unfortunately I didn't get very close as the birds stayed together in a group as they fed along one of the younger hedges heading back down the field, today's birds took the month list to 75, again more than I expected to get and there's still a couple of weeks left!

17th August

I was in the car park at 6.50am as the mist was starting to clear, the first thing I heard was a feebly singing WILLOW WARBLER as I opened the door, Stephen pulled up and we walked along opposite edges until we reached the new orchard. In that short time there were at least 6 SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS, a YELLOW WAGTAIL called close by but neither of us picked it up as it flew over, also two LITTLE OWLS could be heard from Park Field, 15 SWALLOWS gathered on top of a couple of birch trees, later on the wires, and a charm of 8 or more GOLDFINCHES were at the top of the car park. Stephen carried on and I headed out to the fields the other side of the estate. I didn't see a lot although young GREEN WOODPECKERS were being quite vocal and I did find another SEDGE WARBLER, as the Sedgie disappeared I remembered my phone was on silent, I had a message, Stephen had got a flighty Redstart just above and around the car park! So 10 minutes later than it should have been, I wandered back to the car park, the bird had disappeared. I spent the next half an hour having a look round, there were more WILLOW WARBLERS, several BLACKCAPS, NUTHATCH, GOLDCREST and then a glimpse of what might have been the bird, I edged closer and was lucky to see the COMMON REDSTART (109) as it flew up into a small Oak, in a flash it flicked left and disappeared again, Stephen and the site are on a good run, so hopefully we'll turn up a few more goodies before the end of autumn!


Warren Baker said...

Ive only had one Tree Pipit here in ten years Alan, good one for your year list, you are leaving me well behind now!

75 for the month is very good too!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, I am on a good run and really enjoying the patch at the moment. Tree Pipit is really just luck, I've only had one grounded migrant in 14 years.

The month list has exceeded expectation, I thought 60-70 would be good :-)