Thursday, 25 August 2011

August 25th

A quick stop in the entrance lane produced a singing CHIFFCHAFF and a BLACKCAP uttering a few phrases. 30 SWALLOWS went over the car park as I got out of the car and there are still some very young SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS around. A couple of GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS posed all to briefly as did various members of the 4 strong NUTHATCH family, there was also a single BULLFINCH calling as I left the car park. The first of 18 HERRING GULLS flew north as I approached the veg garden, they kept coming through in ones and twos apart from one group of six. A couple of WHITETHROATS dived for cover in the hedges then a REED WARBLER showed well for a while in the early sunshine, that was just starting to break through.
Reed Warbler

Reed Warbler take two.

A single SKYLARK called as it came up from the stubble and at least 13 YELLOWHAMMERS flew up from a line of straw waiting to be baled. To my surprise, a scan along the young hedge found the group of three chats, 2 WHINCHAT and a STONECHAT, back in residence after a two day absence, then Stephen text to say he had found a REDSTART where he found one originally a week or so ago. I was distracted as I walked back to the car park by 2 Whitethroats, so much so that a SPARROWHAWK flew off a straw bale only a couple yards in front of me! a missed photo opportunity there I think! When I got to the where Stephen was, he thought maybe the Redstart was a different bird but after I'd gone he got some better views which suggested it was the original bird.
Random Greenfinch!


Warren Baker said...

Distracted!! Tell me about it, it happens to me all the time Alan :-)

Like the Reed Warbler photo's

Warren Baker said...

Were you distracted when you put Grasshopper Warbler on your list list twice Heh heh heh :-)

Warren Baker said...

Doh! fell for my own joke, I meant YEAR list :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, I hadn't spotted that, as you say like the Sparrowhawk I missed today :-)