Friday, 17 June 2011

Yesterday evening and today

I did a walk with a friend yesterday evening to try to get a few bird shots but my opportunist approach to the task wasn't the most successful! Though the rainbow we encountered did give us at least a couple of shots to go away with. We did actually come across several birds I didn't mange to see in the morning, a couple of TREECREEPERS were mixed in a flock of mainly LONG TAILED TITS with a MARSH TIT, while watching these a KINGFISHER called and whizzed over our heads a second or two later. I did think I might get my first chance at a GREEN WOODPECKER picture when one landed in a willow about 20ft away but it was there all of 10 seconds before it clocked us and disappeared! As we got back to the car, the LITTLE OWL heard this morning flew across the car park.
Evening Rainbow

This morning was a very brief 25 minute drop in, so not lots to report, a CUCKOO 'bubbled' a couple of times and then was seen flying down the valley, where a single SWIFT lingered. A small LINNET flock numbered 6 birds and a COMMON WHITETHROAT was seen carrying another one of those white larva/grub things, as in yesterdays photo. I did manage one picture of a Linnet, another bird that before today has been very difficult to get anywhere near, even today it wasn't going to hang around!
Tricky little Linnet!


Rachel J said...

I am still following the blog Al, just having trouble with google! Quite a few linnets over the back of ours on farmland that's been left unsprayed and grown wild - all the birds have come back. Bullfinches, willows/chiffs, goldcrests, common and lesser whitethroat, blackcap and at least one garden warbler I saw and possibly more, I'm not 100% confident on distinguishing their song from blackcap yet. One turtle dove. Cuckoos gone a bit quiet lately; this time of year whizzes by so fast. Liked the moth pics on previous post - Rach

Rachel J said...

It just took me half an hour to get google to publish that comment!!!!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, That sounds very frustrating!! Also sounds like you have been doing well, that selection of birds is great, nice lot warblers to practice on :-) Don't worry too much about the Blackcap/Garden Warbler scenario, I know people who have been listening to them for years and still have trouble, I've only got to grips in the last couple of years and still get caught out if they only give snippets!! Keep well, I'm heading to Lakenheath on the 26th June with a space left, unfortunately it's a Sunday, let me know if you're available.

ShySongbird said...

Nice rainbow photo Alan.

Woodpeckers see a camera approaching from miles away I reckon ;)

It makes a nice change for me to see a Linnet in a tree, I have only ever seen them on the ground!!

Warren Baker said...

I go out with my camera with that oppotunistic approach Alan, sometimes it pays - sometimes it dont :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi ShySongbird, I don't remember taking a rainbow picture before, so it was nice to have a go at one.

I think you are right with woodpeckers especially the ones round here so far!

As you can see from the photo of the Linnet, I had to look through some other bits of hedgerow, otherwise i think it would have gone :-)

Hi Warren, I'm never sure what to do, I usually end up wandering around hoping for the best, rather than sitting waiting :-)

Rachel J said...

Thanks so much for the offer of Lakenheath Al but Paul still at Glasto that day so no babysitter!! Anyway, one fly-over sighting of an oriole is probably enough excitement for me for one year :) But ask me again next year for sure! Hope it's a fantastic day for you.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Rach, no worries, will keep you informed of any other outings :-)