Monday, 13 June 2011

Sunday 12th and this morning

I walked with my wife mid-morning yesterday, I don't usually write down what I see on these walks, unless it's something a little different, as the walks are normally a little quicker than my usual stroll and the number of species is always low but yesterday I decided to make some notes and was surprised that I had written 35 species down at the end of the walk, nothing fantastic but certainly more than I expected. The highlights were LESSER WHITETHROAT singing, the first for a while, several GOLDCRESTS, a BUZZARD carrying food and 7 SWIFTS heading south!! The weather wasn't great so butterflies and dragonflies were pretty non-existent with only 1 Meadow Brown seen in 90 minutes!
They thought we had food.

This might be Unscented Meadowsweet, any help gratefully received

This morning was again fairly damp with light rain and low cloud, I don't really mind the rain as long as it's not blowing a gale at the same time! and species numbers were low but there's always something to see, one of the SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS was fairly active and I watched it for some time, 3 SWALLOWS were low over the freshly cut hayfield and at least 100 corvids got up from a nearby wood, mainly ROOKS, a good scan didn't produce the hoped for raptor.
A slightly grey view

The only bird that posed today

Generous headlands

Random photo

 I could hear COMMON WHITETHROAT, SKYLARK and YELLOWHAMMER out in the fields as I stood by the moat, the highlight this morning was a KINGFISHER that gave typical Kingfisher views of the beautiful flash of bright blue! I did disturb a moth from the reeds as I walked passed and managed a quick photo, I think it's July Highflyer which would be the first for the year. The photos are a bit random today as the birds were generally skulking!
July Highflyer, I think

I do like Foxgloves

With the zoom lens it was difficult to get it all in, I was going to start a collage!


Warren Baker said...

I like the look of the habitat on your patch Alan, I wish there were Headlands and Hedgrows like that here!

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photo of the Foxglove with the raindrops Alan, they are beautiful flowers. I liked the Blackbird photo too.

Not sure what to make of your unidentified flower. It has a look of the Ox-eye Daisy but of course the petals on yours droop like a garden Cone Flower. I wonder if it could be a garden escape or an Ox-eye x Cone Flower.

Maybe Greenie will take a look, I'm sure he will know.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Warren, they can be quite good, nearly all the Sedge and Grasshopper Warblers turn up in these hedges.

Hi ShySongbird, Thank you, Foxgloves somehow always remind me of my childhood, there were always lots of them in the wood next to where we lived.

I was reading Dereks blog and he has a picture of Scentless Mayweed which looks a bit similar but I am clutching at straws as I don't really know as you can tell!! :-) I've not come across Coneflower, I'll look it up and go and have another look at the little clump I took the photos of.