Saturday, 25 June 2011

June 24th, New Butterfly

It was really pleasant this morning, the sun was out and yesterdays breeze had dropped. There wasn't a great deal of bird action on the car park but one of the first things I saw was a movement about 15ft up in an Ash, it was either a moth or a butterfly, it disappeared but a quick search with the bins found me looking at a fine Purple Hairstreak! I know they are not rare but it was a first for me, I did try a couple of photos as it sat there for at least 2 or 3 minutes, unfortunately I struggled to get a decent result!

Carrying on the walk, a LESSER WHITETHROAT sang from where the Garden Warbler has been this week and a young GARDEN WARBLER was near the restaurant, several GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKERS were seen, mainly in flight and a BULLFINCH called by the gate to the lake field. Here there were also a few butterflies one Small Skipper and 6 Meadow Browns. A GOLDCREST sang from somewhere near the lake, as did NUTHATCH and TREECREEPER. On the way back towards the fields, I went via the moat and found 2 new MOORHEN chicks.

Young Garden Warbler

New Moorhen chicks

Once in the fields the small mixed flock was still feeding in the edge of the crops, I thought I heard a BUZZARD and a minute or so later one appeared and headed into Roundshill Wood as I watched this 2 SPARROWHAWKS came into view one of which was attempting a half hearted display type flight, a SWIFT completed the scene as it passed by them. A really enjoyable walk all over far too quickly!


Phil said...

Well done with the PH Alan. Still trying for my first of the year at New Hythe, every time I go there recently it rains or is too cool. Maybe i'll try again tomorrow morning.

Steve Ashton said...

Nice Garden Warbler fledgling Alan.

Warren Baker said...

I had to look at the date of your post Alan, I couldn't believe you were talking about today!! It was dire here this morning, you're not that far from me!!

Anyway excellent PH find, I was well excited when I first discovered them, so I know the feeling :-)

ShySongbird said...

Well done with the Purple Hairstreak Alan, I have never seen one. Mind you any butterfly would do for me at the moment!

Lovely pics of the young GW and the acrobat at the top. Sweet little Moorhen chicks too.

Ken. said...

It is always nice to see a new species of butterfly, isn't it. I have never seen a Purple Hairstreak.....yet.

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Phil, I was quite excited, I hope you find/found one Sunday :-)

Hi Steve, Thank you, luckily it seemed a little curious :-)

Hi Warren, I'm getting busy with stock take arrangements at work, so not getting alot of time to post or do anything else come to that!!

The PH was a real surprise, I was going to make more effort around the Oaks this year, hopefully i might find more :-)

Hi ShySongbird, Thank you, hopefully the warmer weather yesterday and today may give you a chance of a few butterflies :-)

Hi Ken, It's great to find something new, even though you don't expect it there's always a chance :-) I hope you find one before too long