Tuesday, 21 June 2011

June 21st

It was certainly warmer and drier than yesterday morning and within 10 minutes almost 20 species had been noted, 3 GREENFINCHES were picking up grit in the car park accompanied by a squirrel and 2 CHAFFINCH. A GOLDCREST sang continuously and a LESSER WHITETHROAT was on the edge of the car park. A pair of COLLARED DOVES flew up from in front of the barn where a family of NUTHATCHES were busy feeding alongside it, I took some pictures, as they showed well but messed up the camera setting, which was a bit of a blow!
One of the results

I spent my half hour or so looking across the valley, just for a change a single HERRING GULL was seen and I was treated to a GARDEN WARBLER singing for nearly the whole half an hour from various points up and down the hedge, interrupted only by the odd rattle from another Lesser Whitethroat and joined briefly by a young BLACKCAP.
The SPOTTED FLYCATCHERS were busy around the vegetable garden and a single YELLOWHAMMER could be heard, among the several SKYLARKS that were appearing and disappearing in and out of the wheat. There wasn't a great deal flying through the valley, the odd MALLARD and a couple of SWALLOWS, still a vast improvement on yesterday :-)
Young Blackbird

Spotted Flycatcher


John said...

Hi Alan,
Some lovely birds there. I envy you any photo of a Nuthatch, I have been unsuccessful in all my attempts so far to even get one shot!

Paul said...

Hi Alan, thanks for your comment on my garden WL Hairstreaks, Ive just updated on a fresh post on my Blog regarding them, but its not goods news im afraid, cheers Paul.

ShySongbird said...

John said exactly what I was going too :) I did manage one (pretty bad) photo of a Nuthatch but that was some time ago so I am very envious! Mind you, I am envious of the Spotted Flycatcher too... what a great place Sissinghurst is.

Warren Baker said...

Snap with the Nuthatch Alan, thats all I did get yesterday!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi John, Thank you, the birds were trying to help me I think :-)

Hi Paul, I read your update on the Hairstreaks, that is bad news. Some lovely Great Spot pics there though.

Hi ShySongbird, I think I was just lucky like all these things, it is a great place, I enjoy every visit :-)

Hi Warren, I suppose we'll have to take what we can get :-)