Friday, 10 June 2011

June 10th

As I drove down the entrance lane, a male BULLFINCH posed nicely on top of a hedge, I'm yet to see any young birds, hopefully I'll start finding them soon. Concentrating on the fields, at least 5 SKYLARKS were in good voice as were a total of 10 COMMON WHITETHROATS, most of the other warblers are much less vocal at the moment, I've not heard Lesser Whitethroat since I came back from Morocco. A RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE was a surprise as I entered the newly cut hay field and a couple of SWALLOWS were keeping low over the field. Just as I reached the ditch at the bottom of the hill a group of LONG TAILED TITS gave warning of a male SPARROWHAWK that appeared 40ft in front of me coming from the line of trees. GREY HERONS are still commuting to and fro' although some young birds have already found their way to the lakes. 4 YELLOWHAMMERS sang and 5 STOCK DOVES came up from the wheat, I also found a GOLDCREST singing away from where I've heard others this spring. A different Gull did fly over today but not a Med. it was a LESSER BLACK BACKED with 2 HERRING GULLS. I heard the KINGFISHER again and a TREECREEPER was near the stream. I didn't manage any photos today only the back of a young Blue Tit and a very blurry Yellowhammer, so I've just put an old photo on of Golden Ringed Dragonfly taken at Sissinghurst a couple of years ago, I've not seen any yet this  year.
Golden Ringed Dragonfly, from the archives.


ShySongbird said...

A shame you were driving when you saw the Bullfinch, that would have made a lovely photo.

Very nice archive photo. Damsels and Dragons are not showing at all well here, too windy, too cool and too dull!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi ShySongbird, You are right, I think it would have made a good photo.

The Dragon and Damsels here are a bit sporadic at the moment too, hopefully we'll get to grips with some soon :-)

Phil said...

A great dragon to get on your patch Alan. I hope you get another soon.

Warren Baker said...

Alan, ive also yet to find any Bullfinch offspring :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Phil, I'm hoping I find them this year especially as I failed last year!

Hi Warren, Hopefully it's just a matter of time :-)