Tuesday, 14 June 2011

June 14th more Moths and Birds

I arrived at 4.15am and checked the walls and doors for moths Scorched Wing and Eyed Hawkmoth were the best on the outside of the trap, when Pete arrived we did the boxes around the trap then moved to trap 2, there were a couple of year ticks here, Riband Wave and Common Emerald. Returning to check the larger trap we found our first Pine Hawkmoth of the year as well as Lychnis, Minor Shoulder Knot and what I think is a very early Cloaked Minor, we ended on 225 moths of 55 species.
Green Silver Lines

Common Emerald

Thistle Ermine (micro)

While checking the moths a CUCKOO sang almost constantly and a LITTLE OWL called from a nearby line of oaks, it was great way to start the day. A TURTLE DOVE purred somewhere near the bridleway and the SKYLARKS were really going for it with as many as 6 in the air at once. I took a look around the car park and found a GARDEN WARBLER feeding on wild cherries, 2 MISTLE THRUSHES chased each other through the top of the trees and GREAT SPOTTED WOODPECKER crossed the car park on more than one occasion.
Garden Warbler (click for larger image)

By the moat, I stopped to try and get photos of 2 NUTHATCHES that were low down in the oaks that line the banks but they either stopped in the shade or I wasn't quick enough when they did come out in the open!! I briefly heard a SPOT. FLY. here but couldn't locate it. At the lake 2 GREY HERONS flew up and another Garden Warbler was singing well from the undergrowth.
Sunlit Ox-eye

Out to the fields next, and I stood listening to a warbler 'tacking', it didn't sound right for Blackcap or Common Whitethroat, so I stuck with it, eventually a LESSER WHITETHROAT came fleetingly into view. I was around 50yards from the stream but the KINGFISHER was heard a couple of times, 3 CORMORANTS flew south east and I came across two young REED BUNTINGS in the hedge which were soon joined by the adults. I ended on 45 species an average total but without actually going into the wood this morning quite pleasing, I did see a single Red Admiral and Meadow Brown, I mention it only because butterflies are few and far between walking early in the morning as I do.
Reed Bunting


Anonymous said...

I`ve not commented for a while, Alan. But another great post to go with all the previous ones.

Warren Baker said...

Lovely selection of Moths Alan.

Reed Bunting and Garden Warbler, not on my June list, the latter isn't yet on my year list!!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Dean, Thanks, I hope that doctor sorts you out, so you can be back to your old self, I will be thinking of you.

Hi Warren, The moths do have some great colours and shapes sometimes.

I hadn't spotted that Garden Warbler wasn't on your list this year, is it normally difficult on your patch? If it is we'll do the old, 'I'll try and send one over' thing :-)

ShySongbird said...

Lovely photos. All three of those moths today are very attractive Alan!

Please send me a Garden Warbler too :)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi ShySongbird, Thank you, I'm not sure how many Garden Warblers there are to go round!! but I'll do my best :-)